Many Doctors Advised Ms. “ALI” to Remove Her Uterus! But Instead, She Used the Herbal Supplements for Uterine Fibroids and Endometriosis from Hekma Center and Was Shocked by the Noticeable, Quick Improvement!

Ms. “ALI”, from the UK, contacted the Team at Hekma Center on 29.10.2020, informing them that she ordered the uterine fibroids supplement package. She also suffered from depression, frigidity, and Candidiasis (fungal infection). As well as endometriosis, which doctors discovered recently.

Herbal Supplements for Uterine

Herbal Supplements for Uterine
Ms. “ALI”’s message to the staff, explaining the MRI scan result that she did before undergoing surgery for a blocked Bartholin cyst.

The Doctors Advised Her to Remove the Uterus!

Ms. “ALI” indicated that she previously consulted two doctors, and they both advised her to surgically remove her uterus because they suspect that the fibroids on the outer wall might become cancerous after a while. On the other hand, Hekma Center’s staff explained why she should not remove her uterus, which is because modern medicine has no cure for uterine fibroids, therefore, the only ‘solution’ is to remove the uterus!! Whereas in alternative medicine, she can get rid of uterine fibroids without the need to remove the uterus.

Herbal Supplements for Uterine

Herbal Supplements for Uterine

Herbal Supplements for Uterine

Improvement in Ms. “ALI”’s Condition after Using the Herbal Supplements for Uterine Fibroids from Hekma Center

On 27.12.2020, Ms. “ALI” sent a message informing us of the noticeable improvement:
“Hello DR. I checked my fibroids with my dr, the smaller ones seem to shrink a little, I am nearly done with my 2nd package. The largest fibroid got softer (its not as uncomfortable to pee anymore) but isn’t significantly reducing in size. I am about to put a third package order in, would you recommend something else with it or a different (higher) dosage of anything before I put the order?”

Herbal Supplements for Uterine

Ms. “ALI” indicates that she also suffers from depression

The patient emphasized that she feels much better after using the supplement package for uterine fibroids from Hekma Center. However, the fungal infection is affecting the results: “Swelling is much better. Pain much manageable. But still have to get more.  I think I have a chorionic yeast problem.   My uterus isn’t expelling mucus fast enough or as much due to it. I was given many antibiotics throughout my life and I think the strain is more of a resistant one…”

The Patient Asked to Increase the Dosage In Order to Overcome Uterine Fibroids Faster!

Ms. “ALI” Recommended Hekma Center to Her Friend and Tests Reveal that She Has Endometriosis

The patient advised a friend of hers who suffers from high testosterone levels to contact Hekma Center’s staff. Hoping to find a solution in our center. And he did not hesitate; especially after the speedy, noticeable improvement in his friend’s condition (“ALI”), after using the herbal, medicinal supplements.

Ms. “ALI” explaining that she also has endometriosis

Continuous Improvement After Using the Supplements for Uterine Fibroids and Endometriosis!

Ms. “ALI” sent another message, revealing her continuous improvement:

“Hello Dr I think I need to get another kit. My fibroid is much softer. No pressure at all now even prior to period. It’s working rapidly now” “it’s the first time after starting the packages I see an apparent and rapid difference. Thank you”.

Ms. “ALI” is still taking the wellness supplements from Hekma Center until she completely gets rid of all fibroids, and overcomes endometriosis and all other diseases.

Stay updated to find out the latest developments in her condition.
The team at Hekma Center wishes Ms. ALI and all patients well-being and a speedy recovery.

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