Only One Package was Enough to Control HSV

** Please note : We do not reveal the full name of the customer, we just keep the first two letters of the name for comparison purpose, and we hide all other details. Photos are for clarification purposes only and are not the real photos of the customers.

Mr. JO contacted the Hekma Center staff after purchasing the herpes virus package on March 9, 2022.

Mr. JO was interested in every detail to control virus as quickly as possible. He tried to adhere to the protocol that included the diet and instructions.

On the other hand, our staff answered all of his questions accurately.

Only One Package was Enough to Overcome HSV

On March 24, 2022, Mr. JO contacted our staff to inquire about the reason behind the different quantities of capsules in each package.

Our staff answered him and said that some supplements are essential and others accelerate the process. This was determined after years of experience dealing with herpes virus customers and previous scientific references.

Herpes package

Mr. JO only needed one package from Hekma Center to control the herpes virus!

On April 25, 2022, Mr. JO sent the result of the PCR blood test. The test showed that he was negative.

Herpes package

The test that was done after completing the HSV formula, which came back negative:

Mr. JO did not hesitate to send the previous test he did before starting the HSV package, which showed that he was infected with the herpes virus.

We congratulate Mr. JO on overcoming the herpes virus and wish him continued health and wellness.

The test that was done before taking the HSV formula