The Inspiring Story of a Uterine Fibroids Patient Who Improved After Taking Organic Supplements

Ms. “Gl” from the UK, contacted the team at Hekma Center on Dec.28.2020, informing them that she has Uterine Fibroids, also known as Myoma.

Uterine Fibroids Patient


Dr. Miriam provided her all the information she needed regarding the Wellness supplement package and program from Hekma Center.

Uterine Fibroids Patient


Queries About The Supplements

She had some queries about the side effects of Hekma Center’s supplements, diet, the fibroids, and some hormonal treatments, etc.

Dr. Miriam replied: “The treatment does not have side effects to it, it consists of 100% natural, pure organic herbs. The fibroids will start shrinking gradually, you may notice intermittent bleeding as the fibroids are getting out of the body, but it is not a must to be noticeable bleeding. We provide healthy dietary advises that best suits fibroids patients, you need to have less sugar, avoid alcohol and smoking, eat whole wheat instead of white wheat, eat more vegetables, legumes, and fruits. The detailed treatment plan will be provided with the treatment package.”



The Beginning of The Journey

Hekma Center received an order from Ms. ”Gl”.

On Jan,18,2021, the 1st package was delivered to Ms.”Gl”, and she started taking the natural supplements for uterine fibroids from Hekma Center.

Noticeable Improvements

“Fibroid has shrunk from 6cm to 3.5cm so far”, said Ms. ”Gl”.

Ms. “Gl” is one of many uterine fibroids patients who overcame this disorder after using the supplement package from Hekma Center. Congratulations, we are glad to hear this wonderful news, and we wish you constant health and wellbeing.

She only needs to continue with the Wellness Program to shrink the fibroids completely. And we will always be in touch with her.

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