She Felt the New Her with 1 Package

Unbelievable HSV Recovery Story – Battle since 2012

“I couldn’t have accomplished this without Hekma!” Said Ms. “Ra.” On Jan 27, 2021, a new email was received from American miss with a history of HSV since 2012. Therefore, she was interested in the HSV package, so she wondered which package to choose.

Dr. Miriam provided her with all the details saying, “The original package is a 50 days package, but we also offer half package that lasts for 25 days as an option for patients willing to make payment in two installments instead of one.



Unbelievable HSV Recovery Story Starts Now

After that, she placed an order in May and started having the supplements on May 19, 2021.

“I finished the HSV package on July 5th, I was curious as to where I need to go to get tested prior finishing the package?”

At the end of the treatment course, Dr. Miriam told her to do PCR or IgG blood test for HSV.

Ms. “Ra” emailed an attachment of her PCR result, and she could not believe it. 


This is the result of the previous test before starting Herpes Simplex Virus Package from Hekma Center, which shows that HSV type 2 is positive.

On the other hand, this is the result after using our HSV supplements package: 

She said: “It came back negative. Does this mean the HSV 2 is truly gone???”

Yes, dear.

Congratulations, you are HSV-free!

PCR test is the most accurate and sensitive test; therefore, the result is definite. We are very happy for you.


Thank you so much, I couldn’t have accomplished this without Hekma! This is from August 2012. I have been on the search for a cure since 2012 and I found you guys last year 2020. I took 1 package and followed your directions religiously. I have been spreading the word to every person I know who has HSV. Thank you again for everything and a much brighter future!

We wish you the best in life, my dear. Thank you for coming to Hekma Center – the right place for optimization.

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