Treating Herpes is No Longer Impossible

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Herpes simplex virus is very infectious and it causes blisters and ulcers in the reproductive organs and the reproductive system. These blisters cause unbearable pain and form a condition that is hard to live with.

Here is a story of Mr. Ras. 27, from Saudi Arabia who had HSV1 and HSV2. Ras. took Hekma Center natural supplements for herpes and they helped him cure completely.

The patient contacted us for the first time on December 4. In his message, he explained his condition and the symptoms that he has and asked for supplements to help with the herpes virus.

We asked Mr. Ras. to send his medical reports in order to help him properly.
Based on the medical documents, we were able to decide upon the suitable supplements for his condition.

The patient purchased the suggested supplement package through Hekma Center website immediately.

Mr. Ras. received the package on December 15, 2019.

Below is a copy of Ras.’s correspondence with our staffing team in addition to the medical documents that show he has HSV


Ras. kept contact with a staff member of Hekma Center throughout the whole period. Our staff member directed him on how to take the supplements and comply with the given instructions.

On January 11, 2020, one month after the took the supplements, Ras. sent his new blood work. The results showed that he no longer has HSV2.

We at Hekma Center encouraged him and suggested that he continues with the supplements and takes a second package. This way he can ensure complete elimination of the virus. Both HSV1 and HSV2.

Info: Our supplement package for Herpes virus consists of different herbal supplements including curcumin, propolis, and also MSM.

 Cure from Hepes Virus Cure from Hepes Virus

Ras. agreed and ordered a second package in order to eliminate HSV1 as well.
10 days into the second package, he did another blood test, which showed that his body was completely clear from both viruses.

He contacted us on February 3, 2020 and send the results of his latest blood test in order to share the happy news of his cure from Herpes Virus.

Hekma supplements helped Ras. cure from herpes virus

Congratulations to Ras. on the recovery.
We also advised Ras. to finish the second package to the end and to take future precautions in order to prevent recurrent infections.

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