Ginger – Zingiber Officinalis

Ginger – Zingiber Officinalis


Zan. Product from Hekma Center:

1. May help with various health conditions including digestive disorders and insomnia. Read more below.

2. Is a high quality product and is pure organic.

3. The product is delivered to your house within one week from the day of purchase.

نقبل الدفع ببطاقات

Identification Card

  • Product name: Zan.
  • Botanical name: Zingiber Officinalis
  • Common name: Ginger
  • Net weight: 53 gram
  • Content: 100 capsules
  • Additional names: Zingiber Officinale.

Benefits of Ginger

Ginger root has been used for thousands of years in Indian folk medicine. But, the interest in Zingiber Officinalis has grown globally during this century, especially in the last years. The origin of ginger is India and East Asia, but Zingiber Officinalis grows today in many parts of the world. Ginger plant grows up to one meter. Its root have a stinging hot taste and people use them for medical purposes.

People in ancient times used Ginger root to reduce colic and gas. Scientific research has demonstrated the importance of ginger roots in many disorders including colic, gas, nausea and vomiting. Ginger is also important for bone infections. It also serves in protecting the lining of the stomach and reducing the side effects of herbs or drugs that cause nausea and vomiting. Ginger also may help in the absorption of materials and components found in food, that are effective for the different tissues of the body.

Zan. product – Ginger is indicated for:

  1. Nausea, vomiting and abdominal cramps, diarrhea, indigestion, digestive disorders, permanent gases, as well as malabsorption.
  2. Ulcerative colitis and Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS).
  3. Flu, colds, sputum and pulmonary fibrosis. Ginger soothes and minimizes phlegm, so Zingiber Officinalis may help in case of asthma and a frequent cough as well.
  4. Anemia.
  5. To improve blood circulation and increase blood supply to the limbs.
  6. Dizziness and nausea during pregnancy.
  7. Rheumatism, arthritis, muscular dystrophy and muscular pain.
  8. Severe pollution or poisoning of the digestive system and for strengthening the digestive system.
  9. Blood clotting because Ginger is an anti-coagulant.
  10. Diabetes type 2.
  11. Hypotension.
  12. Some cases of migraine due to its ability to stop the prostaglandin receptors which may help alleviate pain.
  13. Reduction of renal failure in diabetes patients.
  14. Insomnia, nervousness and mood swings. It also provides the body with energy and vitality.
  15. To increase natural sweating.
  16. Menstrual pain.
  17. As a natural aphrodisiac for both men and women.
  18. Ginger enhances appetite, especially in people suffering from constant nausea and vomiting.
  19. As a tonic for the immune system.
  20. Also for Multiple sclerosis.


Zan. product is contraindicated for patients:

  1. With high blood pressure and patients on hypotensive drugs and blood thinning drugs.
  2. Suffering from acute heartburn and stomach ulcers.
  3. Suffering from urinary tract infection and a feeling of burning while urinating.
  4. With high fever.
  5. With gallstones.


Pregnant women can take Zan. product only in small doses. It may help during pregnancy, especially to eliminate nausea.

Side effects:

An overdose of Zan. product – Zingiber Officinalis may cause adverse effects such as: high blood pressure, inflammation of urinary tract, pain and colic in the abdomen.
Avoid large doses of Ginger whether fresh or dried, capsules or tea.

Zan. product is allowed to lactating women.


  • 100% organic and have very high quality.
  • Manufactured in an FDA registered facility.
  • Hold ISO-9001 and ISO-22000 certificate.‎
  • Certified by The local ministry of health and hold GMP certificate.
  • Are packed according to the strict international conditions of safety, health and ‎‎hygiene.
  • Are exclusive to Hekma Center and can only be purchased through our website or through approved sales websites such as amazon.

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