How Do You Recover From Genital Herpes Type 2?

** Please note : We do not reveal the full name of the patient, we just keep the first two letters of the name for comparison purpose, and we hide all the rest details. Photos are for clarification purpose only and are not the real photos of the patients.

At times, Illnesses like HSV can restrict your movement and freedom, and negative thoughts can overwhelm you. However, that is harmful for you; feeling restricted sours that mood and affects your psychological condition as the disease progresses.

When you get infected with a disease, you must be certain that it has a cure, and that you can overcome it with your faith, willpower, and wise decisions, like changing your lifestyle and diet.
This is what Mr. Mosaed from Kuwait did. He is one of many customers who recovered from Genital Herpes Type 2 (HSV-2).

He was diagnosed with HSV-2 and Oral Herpes Type 2. However, he did not give up and continuously searched for a suitable natural program until he found Hekma Center’s supplement package.

Organic Supplements

Herpes Simplex Virus (Herpes Genitalis) is a highly infectious virus. It has different types that are extremely widespread within both men and women.
The worst fear of the infected is infecting their partner or children. Not to mention the pain and blisters the virus causes on the mouth or genital area.

The supplement package from Hekma Center for HSV-2 is intensive and effective, and it consists of organic natural products. Including medicinal products and herbs that have a powerful antibiotic, antiviral, antifungal, antioxidant, and adaptogen which helps with coping. Furthermore, they have antiseptic herbs for the liver and body, products that improve the psychological condition, and products that heal the wounds and blisters.
Some of the most significant products in the supplement package for HSV-2 are Propolis; a potent natural antibiotic and antiviral, Echinacea Purpurea, Arthrospira Platensis, Lentinus Edodes, Trametes Versicolor, and other effective organic products.

The Complete Recovery

Mr. Mosaed contacted us after hearing about the efficiency and the recovery speed of our supplement packages. Especially the supplement packages for HSV-2, wherein it is completely recovered and the blood test came out negative.

genital herpes

genital herpes

genital herpes

After taking one supplement package for 50 days, the customer did a test. And it revealed that the HSV-2 result is negative, meaning that Mr. Mosaed is free of HSV-2 and recovered completely.

The results revealed that he still has Oral Herpes Type 1, but he does not have any symptoms. Hence, we advised him to continue with the natural supplement package in order to eliminate Herpes Simplex Virus Type 1 as well. As demonstrated in the following conversation and medical report.

الشفاء من الهربس التناسلي صنف 2

We congratulate Mr. Mosaed for his recovery, and we urge him to adhere to the diet and the supplements decided upon. Until he completely recovers from HSV-1 as well, God willing.

We are delighted to be part of the patients’ recovery. And we emphasize the significance of commitment and persistence in order to get satisfying results.
Do not allow any illness to restrict you! Be the strongest.

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Note: The results may vary from one person to another.