Nader from Dubai Recovered from HSV – Herpes Simplex Virus

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This is a story of Nader, an Emirati who was infected with HSV at the age of 47. He took our organic supplements for HSV and today, he is healed and no longer has the virus. Read more about his story of recovery from HSV below.

It all began when Nader contacted our staffing team at Hekma Center on June 10, 2018. He explained that he has HSV and is looking for an alternative natural program . In the letter, he mentions that he recently did some tests that showed he is infected with herpes virus – HSV2.

Nader added, that the Doctors explained to him that there is no cure for herpes and that the medications they prescribed for him are indicated only to relief the pain and the blusters and reduce the severity of the symptoms. Nader could not accept the Doctor’s words as facts and started to look for an alternative solution. Through his search, he read about our Center and the organic supplements that we offer and decided to contact us. The patient was extremely worried since he was never infected with genital herpes before.

Attached below is the first e-mail from Nader:

There is Always Hope, You Should Never Give Up

Nader sent all his medical reports and we passed them through to Prof. Hani Younis to give him the right supplements for his case. Based on the given medical reports that describe the patient’s condition, Prof. Younis suggested the supplements Nader should take.

Prof. Younis explained to Nader that HSV is a common transmitted disease that cannot be treated with chemical medications as they only alleviate pain and the unbearable symptoms of the disease. He adds that the disease might transmit silently even without the existence of the usual symptoms. Therefore, he advises to start a natural supplement package for him and for his wife.

Attached below is our response to the patient’s E-mail:

Few days later, the patient purchased his first course of supplements and started with it immediately as he received it.

Info: Our supplement package for HSV consists of different medicinal herbs and natural substances including: Propolis (AK product), Olive leaves (NOR product), Echinacea extract (E-ech product), and others.

During the natural wellness program, our staff at Hekma Center kept contact with Nader and answered all of his queries about the usage of the supplements. They also guided him throughout the whole process and explained to him the importance of adhering to the instructions and the diet regime that is sent him with the package.

The Recovery from HSV

Nader started with the supplements on July 2018. Three months later, in November, he sent us a new email to inform us of the results of the recent tests he did. The medical reports clearly stated that the herpes virus in completely inactive, which is one-step away from full recovery.

Prof. Younis advised him to continue with the supplement program and not withdraw in the middle, so Nader took his advice.

Attached below is a screenshot of the patient’s e-mail and the medical reports:

recovery from HSV recovery from HSV

Explanation of the Medical Report:

On April 2019, Nader sent to us his new medical reports. Prof. Younis reviewed the documents and explained:

“ The medical reports that the patient sent in the past show that the patient had active HSV – type 2 (positive); Yet, after using he first course of the supplements, the afterwards test showed inactive HSV – type 1 (negative). However, the new reports he sent show no indication of HSV2 (0.0) as if he never had with it before; they also show reduction of HSV1 IgG.”

Attached below, is Nader’s 4th email:

Attached below, is a copy of the final documents that show Nader’s full recovery from HSV after using our herbal supplements.

recovery from HSV recovery from HSV

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