The Recovery of Mr. Mazen from Herpes Simplex Virus in 50 Days

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Genital Herpes is a sexually transmitted disease, and it is highly infectious when the virus is active in the body. HSV-2 increases rapidly and there is a high chance of infection if one had direct contact with the infected area.

Modern medicine failed to find a treatment that would completely heal Genital Herpes. However, we at Hekma Center have proved that it is possible to get rid of Genital Herpes and that the results can come out negative (indicating no virus in the blood).

Hereby, we present to you the recovery story of Mr. Mazen from the Sultanate of Oman. He is one of many people who recovered from Genital Herpes Type 2 (HSV-2) using Hekma Center supplements.

Hekma Center Supplement Package for Genital Herpes

Mr. Mazen contacted us for consultation regarding his condition, and we provided him with the necessary details. He accordingly decided to start a wellness program with us and purchased the supplement package for Genital Herpes.
Our team kept in contact with Mr. Mazen until he received and the supplement package and commenced with it. We also stayed in contact with him during the program period of 50 days.

We at Hekma Center are proud to offer personal contact with the customer during their wellness period and until they get the desired results. So far, we have accompanied thousands of patients around the world.

Recovered from Herpes
Mazen ordered the supplement package hoping to defeat herpes
Person A Person B
Hello. I am Mazen from Oman. It has been a month since I started the supplement package for Herpes.
What is your order’s number
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Your package has been shipped this morning, with the no. 31131684076. Please track your order through Aramex website.

Our supplement package for Genital Herpes consists of several medicinal herbs and organic components that help eliminate the virus including Methyl Sulfonyl Methane, Reishi mushroom, Echinacea Pururea, and also Propolis.

Signs of Recovery

A while after Mazen finished the supplement package (50 days), he had a blood test for the Herpes Virus. Then, he informed us of the joyful news that he recovered from Genital Herpes Type 2 (virus index shows negative).

Recovered from Herpes

The medical report which shows that Mazen recovered from herpes

Person A Person B
Hello. I am Mazen from Oman. I had a test for for HSV-1, HSV-2 that you asked for
So here are the test results
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Do you have a prior test for comparison
I do not have a prior test. I only ordered and used your supplement package
You told me to get tested after I finish the first course of supplements
Genital Herpes Type 2 result is negative, meaning that you no longer have it, Thank God
You only have Herpes Type 1
You must carry on nonstop with the supplements
To ensure that the virus is eliminated
I am cured of Genital Herpes right
I do not have symptoms for Herpes type 1
Do you have any symptoms or signs
Did you previously send us the former herpes test?
I do not have any symptoms, I only had Genital Herpes, now I have nothing thank God
Thank god. Congratulations for the recovery. Prefer to have another package for Herpes type 1

The Final Results

It took 50 days –one supplement package for Mr. Mazen to get rid of HSV-2, which is uncommon in modern medicine. This recovery is due to the customer’s commitment to the supplements, the program instructions, and the diet for HSV.

We congratulate Mr. Mazen for the complete recovery from HSV-2 and wish him good health.

We advised Mr. Mazen to take another supplement package to eliminate HSV-1, although he does not have any symptoms of the virus.

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Note: The results may vary from one person to another.