Overcoming Genital Herpes Entirely – The Story of Ms. “MA” from the USA

Ms. MA from the USA had been trying to overcome herpes simplex virus (HSV). Therefore, she contacted the team at Hekma Center through WhatsApp, inquiring about the herbal supplement package for herpes.

Overcoming Genital Herpes Entirely

The Wellness Supplement Package for Herpes from Hekma Center

The herbal supplement package for herpes from Hekma Center consists of 15 different types of herbs and organic products (Listed in the package page).


Starting with the Wellness Supplements

Ms. MA purchased and started taking the supplements. And after taking the first supplement package (50 days), she did a blood test showing the antibodies in her body (IgG test), and it revealed that she still has the virus, since the IgG level was high.

Therefore, Ms. MA purchased another half a package for herpes (consists of the same products but 1 bottle each-25 days supply).

The PCR Blood Test

In this test, laboratory technicians test the DNA of the virus in the patients’ cells to make sure whether they have the virus or not. PCR blood test is the most accurate and sensitive test.

When Ms. MA finished the wellness package (25 days later), she did a PCR test, and it revealed that the virus no longer exists in her body, and that she overcame HSV-2.

Overcoming Genital Herpes Entirely

Hekma Center congratulates Ms. MA on overcoming genital herpes entirely, and we wish her constant health and well-being.

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