One Herpes Package is All Mr. “Al” Needed to Overcome HSV!

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“Dear specialists from Hekma Center, This month I did the PCR blood test for Hsv 1&2 and it came “Not detected” (Negative result)”

This is part of Mr. “Al”’s message to the specialized team at Hekma Center. Revealing that he overcame herpes virus (HSV-2) entirely.
Read his story from the start.

The Story of Mr. “Al”

On 25.10.2020, Mr. “Al” contacted the team at Hekma Center, inquiring about his condition and the herbal wellness package for HSV. He wrote the following:

“Hello. I was recently diagnosed with HSV 1 & HSV 2. I am a man of 43 years of age. While researching about it, I found your page. I am from Oman and currently under medical observation and treatment. Your advertisement sounds very promising and since I am desperate and want to cure, I am writing to you to ask your recommendation. Thank you deeply for your time and support.”

The specialists at Hekma Center replied to his message. And elaborated on the medicinal properties of the herbal supplement package for herpes from Hekma Center.

On 1.11.2020, and after much thought, Mr. “Al” sent the team a message confirming his intention to purchase the wellness package.
Briefly later, he purchased the package through Hekma Center’s website, and received it days later. However, he started taking it after a while.

One Herpes Package is All Mr. “Al” from Oman Needed to Overcome HSV!

On 4.2.2021, Mr. “Al” sent the team at Hekma Center a message, informing them that he completely overcame herpes virus, and he confirmed it after taking a PCR blood test.

“Dear specialists from Hekma Center, this month I did the PCR blood test for Hsv 1&2 and it came “Not detected”. I was desperate when I contacted you but I was very determined, even though my friends told me not to believe in alternative medicine. I didn’t know if I was making the right thing, I just believed it because I needed to believe.

Now I am writing to celebrate with you, now I am writing to show my gratitude and respect for your knowledge and experience. I respected all your indications and I must say it was for the first time in my life when I followed a diet and plan thoroughly. That’s because it was for the first time in my life when I was frightened for my life and for my future. I am still young, I see myself still young and I still wanted to love and be loved, just like any other human being. I felt guilty and I knew that I did mistakes. But eventually, I saw this passage I’ve been through as a chance to correct myself- this gave me strength.

When I received the package from you and I saw it comes from Jerusalem, I cried because I am a believer and I saw it as from Holly place. It gave me strength and hope, because when it comes for believing, I am still the child my mother and grandmother took to Church.

I must tell you that about every supplement you sent me I read and read during my meals, happy to discover that they are ingredients carefully chosen to fight the virus. I took them one by one until the end of the treatment and believed that they will cure little by little. They did, you did, God did, I don’t know. I am grateful I received help and hope.

Thank you from all my heart and I hope all the best for your Center and for the specialists that work there. If my letter to you is of any help, please use it. Only please don’t mention my real name. Thank you for your kind assistance and I don’t find more words to express my happiness and gratitude.”

The Response of Hekma Center’s Team:

The team replied to his message, and congratulated him for overcoming herpes virus after taking one supplement package:

“Dear “Al”,

Hope everything is well with you. Thank you very much for your kind and warm words, every single word means a lot for us. We are more than glad to know that you are cured, this is what we always striving to do.

We know that it is hard to believe in a cure for certain disease that it is known worldwide there is no cure for it, and it becomes harder when the surrounding people do not encourage you but fortunately you took the chance, and thank God, you are cured.

Your faith and commitment was an important part of the healing process, congratulations. Thank you so much for the update, and thank you for giving us the permission to publish your testimony. For sure we will not reveal the name, we just keep the first two letters of the name for comparison purpose, and we hide all the rest details.

Can you please send me the test result that shows you are positive for HSV before starting with the treatment ?”

Mr. “Al” did not hesitate to send us his previous medical reports:

We congratulate Mr. Al for overcoming HSV. And thank him for his sincere and genuine words that every patient can relate to. Before and after overcoming the disease.

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