One Herpes Package is All Mr. Al Needed to Get Negative Blood Test!

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“Dear specialists from Hekma Center, This month I did the blood test for Hsv 1&2 and it came “Not detected” (Negative result)”

This is part of Mr. “Al”’s message to the specialized team at Hekma Center. Revealing that he got negative test for the herpes virus. Read his story from the start.

The Story of Mr. “Al”

On October 25, 2020, Mr. “Al” contacted the team at Hekma Center to inquire about his condition and the herbal bundle for HSV.

The specialists at Hekma Center replied to his message and elaborated on the medicinal properties of the herbal products for herpes from Hekma Center.

On 1.11.2020, and after much thought, Mr. “Al” sent the team a message confirming his intention to purchase the wellness package.
Briefly later, he purchased the package through Hekma Center’s website, and received it days later. However, he started taking it after a while.

One Herpes Package is All Mr. “Al” from Oman Needed to get Negative Blood Test!

On November 4, 2021, Mr. “Al” sent the team at Hekma Center a message, informing them that he finally got negative blood test.

“Dear specialists from Hekma Center, this month I did the PCR blood test for Hsv 1&2 and it came “Not detected”. I was desperate when I contacted you but I was very determined, even though my friends told me not to believe in alternative medicine. I didn’t know if I was making the right thing, I just believed it because I needed to believe.”

He added: “Thank you from all my heart and I hope all the best for your Center and for the specialists that work there. If my letter to you is of any help, please use it. Only please don’t mention my real name. Thank you for your kind assistance and I don’t find more words to express my happiness and gratitude.”

The test that was done after completing the HSV formula, which came back negative:

The Response of Hekma Center’s Team:

The team replied to his message, and congratulated him for the negative results that he got after taking one HSV bundle.

Mr. “Al” did not hesitate to send us his previous medical report: