Everything is Possible! The Story of Ms. KR Proves That Overcoming Herpes is Possible and Faster Than You Think!

Ms. Kr from the USA contacted Hekma Center’s team, informing them that she purchased The Wellness Supplement Package for Herpes (HSV) and is waiting for it to arrive.

Ms. KR Proves That Overcoming Herpes

When the package arrived, and after two weeks of taking the supplements, Ms. KR contacted the team again and informed them that she does not have any symptoms or outbreaks. However, her partner had genital sores.

The team told her that she has to refrain from sexual intercourse with her partner since he has genital herpes, and since she will not be able to overcome the virus if they came in contact. Therefore, she has to avoid physical intimacy, finish the supplements, and commit to the diet and instructions.

Ms. KR Proves That Overcoming Herpes

IgG Level Decreased

The patient did an IgG test while she was taking the supplements. The result revealed that the IgG level dropped by two. Ms. KR asked the team about the reason for that, in which they replied that according to the results, it seems that she is in the latest stages of overcoming the virus because the white blood cells recognize the virus as an invader that must be destroyed only when connected to IgG. And the more IgG antibodies are found related to the virus, the more there is a chance for the virus to be recognized and destroyed by the white blood cells.

When the IgG level is higher, the patient would be in the initial increase phase. But if the IgG level is lower than before – as in Ms. KR’s case – it means that the patient finished the initial increase phase and moved on to the next phase, which kills the virus with the white blood cells.

Ms. KR Proves That Overcoming Herpes

Overcoming HSV

On 19/10/2021, Ms. KR sent the PCR test results, which indicated that she overcame HSV completely and does not carry the virus. By this, Ms. KR proves that overcoming herpes is possible!

Congratulations, dear, on finally overcoming HSV and we wish you constant health and wellbeing.

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