The Story of Ms. “JE” Who Overcame HSV-1 and HSV-2 with One Supplement Package

Every delay and bump nourish the spread of Herpes (HSV). Especially since all the viruses that belong to this family have a common feature; the ability to be dormant then break out and cause painful sores every now and then. Therefore, we need to quickly fight and overcome this disease.

Our success story today is about a lady called “JE”, who suffered from oral herpes (HSV-1) and genital herpes (HSV-2). Ms. JE contacted us from the USA on 23/3/2021 by e-mail, informing us that she ordered the wellness supplement package for herpes from Hekma Center.



Ms. JE Who Overcame HSV

Ms. JE started taking the wellness supplements for HSV on 26/3/2021. She went on saying “I’m hoping and praying that the virus will disappear as claimed. I have a doctors appointment scheduled for May 3 to request blood test.”

Ms. JE Who Overcame HSV

The team at Hekma Center answered her inquiries and concerns, and provided her the necessary information regarding HSV. We have explained to her that the organic, herbal supplements contain natural potent antivirals that target the herpes simplex virus and kill it gradually.

We explained the wellness package to her. As well as the recommended wellness program for her condition and the doses schedule.

On 8/5/2021, Ms. JE contacted us again after she did the blood tests, and the results revealed the following:

Ms. JE Who Overcame HSV

Overcoming HSV-1 and HSV-2 with One Supplement Package

The results indicate that Ms. JE overcame HSV-1 and HSV-2 completely, thanks to God, and to the wellness supplement package. Wherein the results revealed that the IgG antibodies in her body are negative. The PCR test also came out negative, and it is one of the most accurate tests. The results were hopeful for Ms. JE.

Recommending Hekma Center Products to Others!

Ms. JE said: “I just got my PCR and igG results and they were both negative! I’m so ecstatic! I’m currently speaking to 30 plus people with the virus. I’ve created a Facebook page. I want to share your products with everyone! I admit that I was skeptical at first but I was strict with diet and using the herbs daily as recommended. I had HSV1 and 2. I want to share this cure with the world. I’m still in shock and so is my primary doctor as well as my skeptical doctor friends! Thank you for curing me! I feel like a heavy weight has been lifted and I’ve been given a second chance at living. No more rejection from potential partners. Thank you doesn’t seem adequate. You gave me my life back! I’m forever grateful for these herbs that you compounded and to God that put them on this earth!”

Words cannot express her delight, as well as ours. And her happiness overwhelmed us. THIS is our goal, dear JE, congratulations on entirely overcoming HSV-1 and HSV-2.

One wellness package was enough to bring back her smile and change her life forever.

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