Ms. JE Was Ecstatic After She Overcame HSV, Read Her Story Below.

“Hello !!!! Omg. It’s a miracle
The results came back negative…
Do I need to buy anything to keep me from getting anything again. You can use my results just take the name off….
Please take personal information out
I want to thank God and all of you for returning my life! I was devastated but now I feel like I was reborn
Please let me know if I need to continue any plan moving forward”

These are the words of Ms. JE after she overcame HSV. Read her story and journey with Hekma Center from the beginning.

Ms. JE Contacted Hekma Center

On 15.1.2021, Ms. JE from the USA contacted the team at Hekma Center, inquiring about the wellness supplement package for oral herpes and genital herpes, (HSV-1) and (HSV-2).

The team answered all her inquiries and she purchased half a package for herpes to see how the results will be.

After She Overcame HSV

Since not all symptoms disappeared, and before finishing the first package, Ms. JE purchased the other half of the package on 9.2.2021, so there would not be a long gap between the two packages.

After She Overcame HSV

After She Overcame HSV
Ms. JE clarifying that there have not been symptoms lately, and the sores and blisters did not reoccur.

Antibody Test

The patient ordered another wellness package, and after finishing it she did a blood test. The results revealed that there is not a clear difference in the amount of antibodies. But since Ms. JE read many success stories previously published on the Hekma Center website, she knew that the most accurate test in this case is a PCR blood test.

Ms. JE Overcame Herpes

Ms. JE ordered another half a package for HSV and finished it. And on 29.4.2021, she sent the PCR test result, which revealed that her body is free of the virus, and that she overcame HSV after taking 4 halves of the wellness package for herpes (2 full packages).

We congratulate Ms. JE on overcoming herpes, and becoming of the success stories that overcame HSV at Hekma Center.

We wish well-being and good health for all patients in the world, and hope that Ms. JE’s story becomes a motivation for this to look for and find the right solution for this virus.

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