Ms. JA Overcame Genital Herpes Using Only One Supplement Package

** Please note : We do not reveal the full name of the patient, we just keep the first two letters of the name for comparison purpose, and we hide all the rest details. Photos are for clarification purpose only and are not the real photos of the patients.

Ms. JA contacted Hekma Center’s staff through email on 29.7.2020. Inquiring about the wellness supplement package for genital herpes (HSV-2). The team replied to her, and she ordered the supplements.
On 6-8-2020, the supplement package was shipped to her home in the USA, and arrived only two days later.

Ms. JA Overcame Genital Herpes

The team at our center was in constant contact with the patient to check on her condition.
On 7.10.2020, Ms. JA informed the team that she finished the first supplement package for HSV-2, and did tests that unfortunately revealed that the IgG result was positive in her body!
The patient was skeptical about the results, wherein she emailed us, saying that the symptoms of HSV-2 disappeared and her skin was clear.

Ms. JA Overcame Genital Herpes

The specialized team at Hekma Center reassured Ms. JA, and told her that IgG value might not necessarily become negative once one overcomes HSV, for it can take some time.

White blood cells cannot kill Herpes Simplex Virus unless IgG is associated with the virus. Then the white blood cells would attack and eliminate the virus. Therefore, it is normal for the IgG numbers to not decrease in the beginning, this indicates that white blood cells will start recognizing, following, and killing the virus.

The team advised Ms. JA to do a PCR test if she did not have any outbreaks in the past three weeks. This test checks whether the virus (HSV) is still in the body or not. And they stressed that she should stop worrying about the antibodies (IgM, and IgG) because some patients take more time than others to get a negative value, even up to 6 months until they get rid of antibodies after overcoming HSV. Therefore, the PCR test confirms whether the patients overcame the disease entirely or not.

Ms. JA Overcame Genital Herpes

Ms. JA did a PCR test, and sent the results to Hekma Center that reveal that her body is free of HSV and she completely overcame the disease.


Blood test done before starting with Hekma center’s supplements that shows Ms. “JA” diagnosis with HSV.

One supplement package from Hekma Center was sufficient to relieve genital herpes in Ms. JA.
We congratulate her on completely overcoming HSV, and wish her good health and well-being.

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Note: The results might vary from one person to another.