Overcoming MS Complications is The Dream of Every Patient – Is it Possible?

In 2007, Ms. Bar from Britain was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS).
Today, and after suffering from this disease for over 13 years, she decided to seek out Hekma Center. She sent an email to our staff, explaining the multiple sclerosis complications she suffers from. Wherein she had trouble walking and moving, and she often leaned into furniture in her house to move from one place to another. Or even using a wheelchair when she felt feeble.

Mr. Bar elaborated more on her condition and stressed that her legs cannot carry her lately, and that she feels severe weakness in them, which leads to falling more often. She explained in detail about her lifestyle and diet, and mentioned that she carefully read the information on the wellness package page on our website. Moreover, she was very interested in our supplements and said that improvement seems achievable with care and consideration.

In the end, Ms. Bar asked for the staff’s advice, and promised that she would adhere to the wellness program.

MS complications

Hekma Center staff replied to Ms. Bar, and helped her order the wellness package. Ms. Bar received the package on 29-7-2020 in Britain and began with her journey towards overcoming MS.

Ms. Bar wondered about how to take the wellness supplements and for how long, and Dr. Mariam -who would be her personal team member- replied to her.

MS complications

Improvements After Using the MS Supplements from Hekma Center:

Ms. Bar started taking the herbal supplements for MS, and after finished the first package she ordered the second one. Before finishing the second package, she informed doctor Mariam about the improvements she felt. And said as follows: “regarding my condition, I have had improvements in my handwriting, my bladder control and despite my legs being weak and giving way, on 4 occasions in last 10 days, each time I managed to pull myself up using furniture. I have also noticed I can sit with crossed legs again, I have not required a carry upstairs in last 10 days. I feel these very positive steps.”

Ms. Bar is still taking the herbal supplements from Hekma Center, and is committed to the diet for multiple sclerosis. And she is confident that she can overcome MS complications.
We, at Hekma Center, wish her ongoing health and wellbeing.

Note: The featured image is for illustrative purpose only.
Note: The results might vary from one person to another.

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