What is the Story of Ms. Ar? And How Did She Overcome Genital Herpes?

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Ms. Ar from UAE tried several treatments and medications hoping to overcome genital herpes (HSV-2), but to no avail. In the end, and after she almost lost hope, she sought Hekma Center for a suitable wellness supplement package for her condition, nearly two years after suffering from this virus.

Hekma Center’s specialized staff answered her inquiries and explained in details the method of taking the supplements and how they contribute to relieving herpes entirely. The herbal wellness supplement package for herpes provided by Hekma Center consists of 15 herbal and organic products, such as Curcumin, Propolis, Zinc, Methyl Sulfonyl Methane (MSM), and certain mushrooms.

Ms. Ar Who Overcame Genital Herpes
Ms. Ar describing her condition

Ms. Ar ordered the first supplement package on 9.8.2020. She commenced with the supplements and was in constant contact with her personal team member from Hekma Center.

After finishing the first supplement package, she did a test to know the current state of the virus in her body. And after receiving the results, she contacted the personal team member and was advised to continue with the supplements and order the second supplement package. By this, Ms. Ar overcame oral herpes (HSV-1), however, HSV-2 result was still positive.

Overcoming Genital Herpes

It is worth mentioning that continuing with the supplements without stopping is crucial for eliminating the virus. Therefore, Ms. Ar ordered a second supplement package on 8.10.2020 and was about to finish the first package.

One month after starting the second package (the package is enough for 50 days), the patient did a test, and the results were promising, wherein she overcame HSV-2 as well.

The results proved that Ms. Ar overcame genital herpes

Ms. Ar Who Overcame Genital Herpes

Ms. Ar’s Response After Seeing the Results, And Another Problem She Wants a Solution For

“Finally! I can’t believe this” These are the words of Ms. Ar after she entirely overcame genital herpes. The patient inquired about another problem she had, which is vaginal dryness. The personal doctor from Hekma Center advised her to use the herbal supplement package for vaginal dryness from Hekma Center. Ms. Ar did not hesitate to order the wellness package, especially since she saw firsthand the supplements’ results for herpes.

Ms. Ar sharing her delight with doctor Mariam, and indicating that she is facing another problem, which is vaginal dryness

Ms. Ar Who Overcame Genital Herpes

We congratulate Ms. Ar for overcoming genital herpes, and hope she entirely overcomes vaginal dryness as well.

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