Mr. Ja Overcame HSV After Years of Struggle – “I Cannot Believe This. I Am Shaking Right Now”

On 26/05/2021, Mr. Ja contacted Hekma Center, informing us that he received the Wellness Supplement Package for Herpes (HSV) and will start taking it.

Mr. Ja suffered from HSV for 6 long years. Therefore, he insisted on overcoming this virus, and was motivated to commit to the package, the diet, and the instructions. He hoped for his story to become an inspiration…

I Am Shaking Right Now

Mr. Ja sent us the IgG test results he did 6 years ago and that indicates the presence of the virus. He also sent the latest test result on 14/07/2021, which he took after finishing the first HSV Wellness Package (50 days).
The gentleman ordered half a package for HSV (to be taken within 25 days only) in order to keep taking the supplements. And because the symptoms (cold sores) appeared during the last period, indicating the importance of continuing with the supplements.

Increased IgG Level in the Blood

Mr. Ja was wondering why the IgG level increased in the blood, not the opposite. Our team answered with the following:

“IgG is the antibody that the body produces against herpes virus.The virus can’t be killed by the WBC’s unless it is linked to or bound by an antibody. and at least two antibodies should be attached to the virus in order to be killed. WBC’s recognize the virus as an invader that should be destroyed only when it is attached to IgG. and the higher the number of IgG attached to the virus, the higher the chance it will be recognized by the WBC’s and destroyed.

When the IgG level is higher, this means the patient is now in the initial use phase. but if the IgG is lower than before, this means that the patient has finished and passed the initial use phase to the next phase which is killing the virus by the WBC’s. (WBC White blood cells) IgG may take some time after being cured to be negative (From one week and up to 6 months), while PCR will be immediately negative after curing the virus, that is why we advise our patients to do blood PCR test if they did not have any outbreak during the last three weeks of the treatment.”

I Am Shaking Right Now

I Am Shaking Right Now

I Am Shaking Right Now
Blood test 6 years ago.
I Am Shaking Right Now
A blood test done on July 2021 reveals an increased IgG level.
A blood test done on July 2021 reveals an increased IgG level.

Overcoming Herpes

Mr. Ja finished the package he ordered. And after he noticed that no symptoms appeared during the last 3 weeks, he did a blood PCR test on 30/08/2021 and the result came out 3 days later. The result revealed that his body is HSV-free, meaning that he overcame herpes virus!

PCR test that reveals that he is HSV-free.

“I Cannot Believe This. I Am Shaking Right Now”

Mr. Ja’s was inexpressibly delighted, and he recommended our products to his friends after he inquired about supplements for Human papillomavirus (HPV). The team replied informing him that HSV supplements suit HPV patients, but it might take a while to overcome HPV completely.

Undoubtedly, after Mr. Ja finished the supplements and overcame HSV completely, he had some inquiries about his condition. And the team elaborately provided him answers and informed him that the IgG level might take some time to be negative (from 1 week to 6 months). But since the PCR result came out negative, it means that he is free of HSV and can resume his life and have sexual intercourse. While taking into consideration that the partner must be tested in order to make sure that they are not infected.

Congratulations dear, and wish you constant health and wellbeing. We hope that your story would become an inspiration for those who are suffering and seeking relief.

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