Herpes, Is There A Cure ? Giving Hope Through Mr J’s Story with HSV

The patient contacted the Hekma Center staff and told them that he had been taking the herpes package for a while.

Our staff told Mr. J that it is essential to adhere to the instructions and diet included with the package to obtain the desired results.
Mr. J followed the staff’s advice.

Giving hope through Mr J’s story with HSV, continue reading to know more.

Shortly after, Mr. J contacted our staff again to tell them that he had not had herpes symptoms in a while.

Giving Hope Through Mr. J's Story with HSV

Our staff were delighted with this news and advised him to do a blood test. Nevertheless, the patient continued taking the products until he finished the package he had.

Mr. J was late to take the blood test. He did it in December. During this time he did not feel any HSV symptoms, and there were no sores lately.
Mr. J's Story with HSV
Mr. J's Story with HSV

Being Virus-Free

The tests results showed that he was herpes-free.

We congratulate Mr. J on these incredible results and wish him good health.

Mr. J's Story with HSV

Giving Hope Through Mr. J's Story with HSV

Old Test Results

New Test Results After Finishing the Hekma Center Package

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