Overcoming HSV is What Got Mr Du Lost For Words

Mr. Du contacted the Hekma Center staff to inquire about the herpes package. He was hoping to get rid of herpes virus.

A few days later, he received the package and started taking it (September 25, 2021).

It is worth mentioning that the herpes package is a herbal formula that will help the patients completely eliminate the herpes virus from their body. It includes 15 different medicinal herbs, each herb has its own unique role in eliminating the virus.

Mainly, the mechanism of action is by getting the virus out from nerve cells and blocking protein U94, which is the protein that allows the virus to hide inside the nerves (Because herpes virus hides inside nerve cells) into the bloodstream, then boosting immunity and increasing production of antibodies against the herpes virus, this is because, in order for white blood cells to recognize that this virus is an invader and it should be destroyed, more antibodies should be produced and attached to the virus.

Finally, the immune system will gradually start destroying the herpes virus, until completely eliminating it from the body.

Overcoming HSV is What Got Mr

Overcoming HSV is What Got Mr

Overcoming HSV

The following are Mr. Du’s examinations before starting the herpes package provided by Hekma Center:

Overcoming HSV

The 29-year-old patient was wondering when is the right time to feel the improvements. The staff answered him that it varies from person to person and that he has been taking the package for only two weeks out of 50 days, and he has to take the whole package.


Our staff advised the patient to get a blood test since he had no symptoms during the last three weeks, which can be an indication that he is cured of herpes virus – HSV.


Getting the Desired Results

Mr. Du sent a message informing our staff that he got rid of herpes virus :

We congratulate you on overcoming HSV, Mr. Du, and wish you good health.

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