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Healthy Recipe Book for Herpes Patients

Healthy Recipe Book for Herpes Patients


Eat Healthy recipe book for HSV-1 and HSV-2 is one of the recipe book series from Hekma Center. This book offers 159 healthy, organic recipes that help limit Herpes symptoms.
All the recipes in this book have foods that contain more lysine than arginine to help limit the symptoms and overcome HSV.
And most of the recipes are gluten-free, some are vegan, and none of them contains white sugar and flour.
This book is different from any healthy recipe book you have seen. It is one of a kind and has plenty of healthy recipes from all over the world. And it includes various types of foods and emphasizes dietary diversification.
In this book, you will find 8 different categories, which are: breakfast, main meals, salads, soups, desserts, beverages, snacks, and additions.
Moreover, you will find recipes for occasions, pastries, lunch, dinner, cold and cooked salads, and hot and cold drinks. As well as exquisite recipes for breakfast, soups, healthy snacks, and additions, such as healthy jams, pickles, and others.
This book has 210 high-quality, colored pages and a hardcover.
Book size: 23.5*18 cm.
Book weight: 0.7 kg.

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About this item

  • Book name: Healthy Recipe for Herpes Patients
  • Dedicated to: for Herpes Patients
  • Number of recipes: 159 recipes
  • Number of pages: 210 pages
  • Weight: 0.55 kg
  • Size: 23*18 cm

Eat Healthy Recipe Book for Herpes Patients

Eat Healthy Recipe Book for Herpes Patients

Our Products’ Exceptional Quality

Same as always, we stand out with the quality of our products. And this book, “Eat Healthy Recipe Book for Herpes Patients” stands out with its quality in terms of colors and images, and most importantly because it contains 159 carefully selected, healthy recipes, jam-packed with vitamins and minerals, and are easy to prepare.

The Eat Healthy recipe book for Herpes Patients also contains guidelines and health tips for herpes patients, healthy cooking methods, and general tips. As well as a single piece of information and advice with each recipe.

The Significance of Food to Overcome Diseases

Foods and drinks are considered essential in our lives, and are the main reason behind our health and illnesses. For what we place on our plate could cause a disease or help us overcome one and maintain our well-being. It is crucial for our meals to contains minerals and vitamins in order to nourish our bodies and balance the immune system so it can fight diseases. It is also important to consume organic foods, free of chemicals and genetic modifications.

A Pleasure You Can Only Know When You Try it

You might think that healthy food is not tasty, but in fact, it is delicious and vibrant. And healthy food can give you a pleasure that you can only know when you try it. In the Eat Healthy Recipe Book for Herpes Patients, we provide you delicious healthy recipes for you to enjoy. And we included ideas for you to decorate your plate, so it becomes even more appetizing, because the eye eats before the mouth tastes.

Let’s enjoy the delicious taste and appealing plates.

A New Lifestyle

We are certain that you will become a healthier, more energetic person after you try and enjoy the healthy recipes in the Eat Healthy Recipe Book for Herpes Patients. These recipes will enrich your diet with diverse dishes and foods, and you will get used to a healthy lifestyle that brings both the healthy traditional dishes and modern fast foods together.

By reading the Eat Healthy Recipe Book for Herpes Patients, you will learn new information including the medicinal properties of vegetables, fruits, and nutrients. In addition to how to use them properly without losing their nutritional value. All of the recipes have been taste-tested to ensure having the precise ingredients and flavors.

And always remember, health does not contradict the joy of eating delicious meals. Combine the two and this book will become your health map to overcoming HSV while enjoying the recipes.

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