Herbal Medicine and Modern Western Medicine in Treating Cancer

In this article, we will compare treating cancer with herbal supplements and treating cancer with modern western medicine.

At first, I would like to inform the readers that cancer is not a new disease, it was known back to the old Greeks, and they diagnosed and treated it. Moreover, pioneer Muslim scholars intensely studied cancer, like Ibn Sina (980-1037), almost a thousand years ago.


Ibn Sina wrote 276 books, mostly consisting of several volumes. One of his most known books is ‘The Canon of Medicine, ‘ which is an enormous book that consists of five volumes (more than one million words). It is one of the most famous medical books of all time. ‘The Canon of Medicine’ sums up all the medical sciences from back then until now. And it is a universal medical resource from 1000 years ago until now.

Ibn Sina

Ibn Sina was an omniscient scholar. He wrote books in Islamic sciences, medicine, physics, chemistry, mathematics, music, economy, and others. And he connected medical sciences with other sciences, like natural sciences, psychology, philosophy, logic, astronomy, and metaphysics. Furthermore, he studied cancer and treated it with herbs, dietary, and healthy lifestyle. And he transcribed when and how the cancerous tumors should be surgically removed.

Ibn Sina was a successful, genius scientist. During his short life of 58 years, he wrote this many books. There is no doubt that all the knowledge he has is the result of studying the books of the scholars before him. But with God’s blessings, he succeeded in treating many diseases, including cancer. And he wrote many herbal and organic products combination, like honey and royal jelly, propolis, and salts.

Ibn Sina’s Knowledge of Herbs

He either used the seeds, flowers, or roots depending on the herb, for he knew what each part of the plant contained, and what parts are most efficient. Ibn Sina used natural organic products that God created for the purpose of healing humans. Many scholars learned from Ibn Sina, and this science does not cease to develop and spread until this day.

Meanwhile, modern medicine uses what man invented and leaves what God created, for it is a new science created less than a century ago. Humans started to rely on their intelligence, strength, ego, and inventing ability, and left what God created for us. Even believed that manufactured medications are the cure, not God.

What is ‘Cure’ in our times? All manufactured medications are merely sedatives and are temporarily helpful but not healing. As Muslims and believers, we know that God is the Healer, and that God ordered us to make use of all available means and supplicate to Him who created all cures. Whoever says that they are capable is doomed to humiliation and failure. God indeed ordered us to study and learn, but at the same time, he ordered us to obey Him.

Attestation of Ibn Sina’s Knowledge

Scientific research nowadays attest Ibn Sina’s knowledge and theories. Treating cancer started by removing the tumor, if possible, and then detoxing the body and strengthening the affected organ and the body, and helping it overcome this disease. Ibn Sina was very interested in dietary, and he emphasized the significance of consuming light food and not exhausting the body and the digestive system of cancer patients. He also heavily considered the psychological aspects in his treatment. Wherein he uplifted spirits and raised faith in God, and at the same time, he used herbs to detox the body. Ibn Sina used different herbs and plants that we know nowadays for their effectiveness in treating cancer. God blessed people who took Ibn Sina’s and his followers’ treatment with recovery. We must obey and trust God, and make use of available means and supplicate to Him, for he is the one and only Healer.


In our times, cancer has spread all over the world and in all communities. Cancer rates were higher in civilized communities that heavily rely on fast food and fast lifestyles. The environment in these communities is contaminated with chemicals and radiations, whether in the water, food, or air. Cancer cases increase day by day, and although I say and know that cancer is not frightening, most people link it with death. Therefore, allow me to talk in detail about this widely spread disease. And I am certain that this article will save many cancer patients’ lives, and give them and their loved ones knowledge and positivity.

First of all, please be aware that all pieces of information in this article are supported with scientific research and scientifically proven results, and this is in no way a personal advertisement.
Science and information are easily accessible for everyone; therefore, read, learn, and enlighten yourself. We will provide you through this article an inclusive wellness program for cancer, that you may not have heard about, but it may save your live and the lives of your loved ones.

6 Cancer Facts You May Not Know

  1. Cancer cells can become healthy and uncancerous cells with organic herbal supplements.
  2. Cancer cells automatically kill themselves when they do not find toxicants to feed on (Apoptosis). One can treat this with the herbal supplement package.
  3. Cancer cells are not foreign. They are in fact our own cells that underwent changes that made them grow abnormally (DNA changes). These changes are usually due to an external virus, or orders from the brain to transform into cancerous cells.
  4. The environment where the cancer cells live in is acidic and polluted, and normal cells cannot live in it.
  5. There are two treatments for cancer: The first one is modern medicine treatments, and includes chemotherapy, radiotherapy, and biological therapy with a success rate of 3%. The second treatment is the natural herbal treatment with a cure rate of 90%.(most cancer patients and their parents choose the first type with the success rate of 3%, because they do not know anything about the second treatment, nor do their specialized doctors).
  6. The herbal supplement package for cancer with the cure rate of 90%, is safe, free of harmful side effects, affordable, and does not weaken the body nor the immune system. On the contrary, most patients feel that their health is even better than before cancer. This herbal treatment exists since ancient times, however, you seldom find people who know about it.
Note: Dear reader, in this article, we will provide you with plenty of information about the herbal supplement package for cancer, with a cure rate of 90%. And you will learn the reasons that denied you of knowing about it.

First, We Will Clarify the Meaning of Success Rates of 3% or 90%

When we say a success rate of 5%, we mean that the cancer patient was able to live for 5 years after undergoing chemotherapy. This is a success in modern medicine standards, regardless of the patient’s suffering throughout the treatment period and life before the disease. What matters in modern medicine is that they lived for 5 more years, and not how. And if cancer reoccurred or the patient died after 5 years, the treatment is still considered successful.

A success rate of 3% means that 97% of the patients passed away and were not able to tolerate chemotherapy, and this is an undeniable fact. Manipulation in success rates plays a role here. Because doctors do not talk about the long term after 5 years, instead, they say that the treatment’s success rate is 70% or 80%, which means that the patient surpassed 6 months alive after discovering cancer and undergoing chemotherapy. Wherein he was expected to pass away in 2-3 months.

This is how doctors claim that they were able to extend his life. The percentage of patients that they were able to keep alive for 6 months is 80%-90%. However, we should consider the results after 5 years, not 6 months. And we should use the term ‘cure’ and not ‘success’ since we often hear about cases wherein cancer came back and spread more than before. The point is that it should be a cure rate, which means that the patient recovered completely, not a success rate wherein the patient is alive, albeit did not recover, and is still suffering from cancer.

How to Achieve a Cure Rate of 90%

We can achieve a cure rate of 90% when we use the organic herbal treatments that God created.
The natural organic treatments do not harm the healthy cells. They only attack and kill the cancer cells or turn them into healthy regular cells, and they detox the body. Moreover, some herbs contain a high level of anti-cancer. We recommend taking different herbs, which when combined, have a powerful synergetic effect in eliminating the disease.

The Purpose and Effect of the Media

Most people do not know about the organic herbal treatment of which cure rate is 90%, because the media does not talk about it, which is understandable. The media only mentions what would make them plenty of money, and refrain from mentioning unprofitable topics. Therefore, powerful companies prevent the media from promoting other companies in order to maintain their profit, even if it was not in the patient’s interest. For they are commercial companies, and their work does not associate with clemency, but with material possessions and personal interests. So their research are grounded on the logic of taking medication for life, not to merely recover from a disease. For example, headaches, hypertension, diabetes, and joint pain are all treated with sedatives that patients take daily. All diseases became chronic and incurable.

Modern western medicine uses chemical medications that are temporarily helpful, relieve the pain, and conceal the symptoms, but do not treat the disease. Modern medicine does not offer any actual treatments for diseases, no matter how simple, such as headaches. So can it offer a cure for cancer? Of course not, only a sedative that kills cancer along with the healthy cells! And in most cases, cancer patients die from weak immunity, fear, and lack of food and drinks, and ultimately the body cannot tolerate chemotherapy.

Yes, the treatment might keep the patient alive for 6 months, maybe more, but eventually, the result will inevitably be death because of chemotherapy, radiation, or malnutrition. Is that considered a successful result of the treatment?

Advertisement and Promotion in Media Outlets

Everything people know about treatments is only what they see through media outlets. Which wealthy people in power direct, like pharmaceutical companies owners, who are the wealthiest in the world. The media indirectly works under these companies, and they use their medications and compliment them until the company releases another medication. Then they promote it as being better than the previous one due to several reasons. Of course, temporarily until the next medication. We often hear in the media about discovering a cure for cancer, but after the hype, it turns out that the goal was to raise the companies’ stocks.

The blame does not fall upon those who were brainwashed from the media. It falls upon the specialized doctors who are responsible for people’s health. These doctors sometimes promote medications based on the pharmaceutical companies’ words. The blame falls upon the doctors who do not ask about the herbal supplements with a cure rate of 90%, and instead, they criticize it and claim that it endangers people’s lives.

Why Do Doctors Disregard The effect of Herbal Treatments?

Many cancer patients who undergo chemotherapy and take herbal supplements at the same time do not tell their doctors about the supplements, fearing their negative reaction. And in the cases in which they know about the herbal treatment, and they see its positive effect on the patient’s condition, they do not even inquire about the treatment or where they got it from. They even attribute the unusual speedy success to the chemotherapy, although they are fully aware that they are praised for what they did not do.

Why do doctors not search about the herbal supplements treatment with the cure rate of 90%, not even the basic information? Did they not swear under oath to be compassionate and have a clear conscience when working on helping and treating patients, and not only run after money? Is it reasonable to cling into their opinions and treatment method, even after knowing about a better treatment?

Throwing the blame is not the purpose of my article. My purpose is to raise awareness about other healthier solutions for treating cancer or other diseases completely.

The Desired Goal

There is one goal, and three ways to achieve it: either chemotherapy, herbal supplements treatment, or both. The first has a 3% success rate, and the others have a 90% cure rate. It is common sense to go for the more successful treatment, study, and promote it. Or at least not unknowingly criticize it, give illogical justifications claiming that there is no scientific proof of the herbal supplement’s effectiveness, and that the healing method is unclear. That is incorrect, for there are so much scientific research and studies about many natural treatments. For example, Curcumin helps to treat cancer. And to write an article about Curcumin, I summarized approximately 160 scientific articles. Keep in mind that there are around 7000 scientific research and articles universally. However, doctors specialized in modern western medicine (Orthodox medicine), do not know about these research and articles.

More than half of the world uses alternative medicine, which includes different sciences, like herbal medicine, energy medicine, acupuncture, hydrotherapy, reflexology, massage therapy, and others. All of these are methods of recovery, however, in this article, we will focus on herbal treatments.

Official Studies of Australian and American Medicine about the Success Rate of Chemotherapy

Once again, we talk about the cancer patients who believe in chemotherapy, which the media promote and unfortunately only cures 3% or less of the patients. As for the remaining 97% or more, they will lose their lives.

If you do not believe this, read the official study of the Australian and American medicine Clinical oncology 2004 p-548-560, titled “oncology cure rates”.  Which tackles keeping patients alive for 5 years after getting cancer, and it includes patients with all types of cancer.

“The 5 years cure rate” states that the success rate of chemotherapy in the US is 2.1%. Which means that 5 years after discovering cancer, only 2.1% of patients who undergo chemotherapy stay alive.

Treating Cancer with Natural Medicine Around the World

Read about Dr. William Kelley, who treated more than 33000 cancer patients. He achieved a cure rate of 90% (5 years cure rate). Why did the media disregard this doctor? And why is it disregarding his treatment? The reason is crystal clear, Dr. William used natural materials in his treatment, and this treatment does not meet the requirements to apply for a patent. A person or company cannot get a patent if the product is natural and created by God. A product that does not have a patent cannot earn huge profits from its rights. Because it is naturally-found and available for everyone, and one cannot control its production, or use it exclusively. Therefore, there are no economic benefits from these natural medications, provided by our mother earth, and the pharmacy of nature.

Also, read about Essica Company that has been using organic herbs in treating cancer since 1922. As well as Dr. Budwig, who successfully treated cancer with herbs and food from 1955 until she passed away in 2003. And her followers continued walking her path.

Read about medicine in China, India, and several East Asia countries that mainly use herbal medicine and alternative medicine. And they have entire hospitals and medical centers for traditional medicine for thousands of years, and they do not believe in modern western medicine.

Nature and Human and Animal Health

Our Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) said: “There is no disease that Allah has created, except that He also has created its treatment.”. God created DNA for humans, animals, and plants. And He put different amounts of various chemicals in the plants, In which each one serves a specific purpose.
Humans and animals consume plants in order to supply the body with protein, vitamins, salts, antioxidants, and antibiotics. God made these nutrients in specific amounts to maintain the integrity of humans and animals, and to prevent diseases.

We can notice that edible plants of which purpose is to benefit the body are for both humans and animals. However, medicinal herbs are only for humans. Therefore, we do not see herbivores eating medicinal herbs like sage, thyme, and love bush since they are specifically for curing humans. And in case the animals got sick, they would eat other herbs. Carnivorous animals have been seen eating grass when they are sick. And many people wrote about this, how a certain herbal medication was discovered after seeing carnivorous animals eat them when sick.

Herbivorous animals and humans can eat, digest, and benefit from the plants’ properties.
Our food is originally from dust, and we are originally from dust. What enters our bodies must be from dust and water, so our bodies can digest and benefit from it.

A Mericle of God

God created the chemicals in the plants in specific amounts. And with His directions, they know where to go and how to benefit the body. We eat without knowing how teeth, muscles, tendons, blood, veins, and cartilages grow. Each nutrient goes to its particular target by God’s guidance.

The human body is a manufactory of enzymes and chemicals that help break down the natural materials which are originally from dust in order to benefit from them. Some of these materials kill harmful organisms, like viruses, bacteria, fungi, and parasites. And there are natural materials that decompose and become essential components for building the bones, flesh, enzymes, and hormones.

Everything was created for the benefit of human beings, and God’s creations are perfect and flawless. And the whole universe is provided for us, for our growth and cure.

Note: What we mean by natural materials is the materials originally made from dust, like herbs, fruits, leaves, tree bark, meat, fat, fish, and others.

Chemical Treatments Made by Humans

The chemical medicinal or industrial materials that humans make are dangerous and can cause problems if they enter our bodies. These materials roam around in our bodies without a purpose, and what is helpful for the liver is probably harmful for kidneys and the stomach.
They are unsuitable for our bodies, yes, they may have some benefits, but their harm is much more severe. Cure has to be associated with materials created by God, and that our bodies can recognize. No matter how much we learn and excel, our knowledge remains limited, whereas God’s knowledge is absolute. “And mankind have not been given of knowledge except a little.” Al-Isra [17:85]

Dear patient, Do not be tempted with what chemical medication promoters say, for God has created many natural medications. And we must pay attention and recognize God’s creations that He provided for us. And search and learn how to use them for our own good, instead of being proud of what we invent!

The progression of medicine and different sciences enhance the medical development. We should harness these sciences to support the future medicine, which is the original medicine, the herbal medicine.

We must be careful not to consume whatever is handed to us. And trust God, Who provided us with everything necessary for a healthy illness-free life.

The Amount of Money Spent on Chemical Treatments Research Compared to Herbal Treatments Research

How much money is spent on research in order to come up with chemotherapy, biological therapy, and radiotherapy, compared to the money spent on research for herbal cancer treatments? The answer for the former is billions of dollars, whereas the latter is barely anything.

American Cancer Society (ACS) states that the money that the Independent Cancer Research Foundation (ICRF) spends on research for a treatment with a cure rate of 3% in 10 minutes, is equivalent to the amount spent in a whole year for a treatment with a cure rate of 90%, which is a very small percentage. This opens our eyes to the power of the media in brainwashing people. Wherein after 100 years of spending money and doing research on cancer, the ACS has yet to find a cure.

We Conclude this Article by Asking: Does the Herbal Supplements Treatment Guarantees a 90% Cure Rate for All Cancer Patients After 5 Years?

The answer is: The recovery rate after 5 years of discovering cancer is related to the following factors:

  1. The patient’s circumstances: Age, other diseases, immunity, psychological state, determination, optimism, faith in God, and believing in herbal medicine.
  2. The state of cancer: How much did it spread in the body, if the patient can easily take the supplements, and if the patient is able to eat and drink.

90% recovery is achievable for patients who are in the early stages of cancer. And resort to the herbal treatment as soon as they discover the disease, with good health and uplifted spirits.

A patient who resorted to herbal medicine after one year or more of discovering the disease and undergoing chemotherapy, is not like who resorted to herbal medicine in the early stages. The latter would definitely have a higher chance of recovery. And the patients who vomit when they eat or drink will not be able to take the supplements.

One should quickly commence with the treatment, for the disease will not wait, and it will progress rapidly in most cases.
The patient can take the natural treatment and undergo chemotherapy at the same time. And in this case, the herbal supplement package will alleviate the side effects of chemotherapy, like hair loss, fatigue, weakness, anorexia, vomiting, and weak immunity.

By Professor Hani Younis

Note: At Hekma Center, we use the product Can.21 for treating all types of cancer. And it consists of 21 herbs that contribute to eliminating cancer.
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