A Story of Recovery: A Patient Recovers from Parkinson’s Disease

We put to your hands the story of a patient who recovered from Parkinson’s disease.

It was the patient’s son who contacted us for the first time asking for a natural supplement program for his father who suffers from Parkinson’s disease. After correspondence with the son, we were able to estimate the father’s condition and suggest a suitable supplement package for him. The son ordered the first course of supplements that should last them for 50 days.

20 days after the patient supposedly started with the supplements, our crew, at Hekma Center, contacted the son to make sure that everything was going well. Our staff also wanted to know if the patient felt any improvement in his condition. So, the son told us that there is a noticeable improvement in his father’s condition and that he could button his shirt by himself. He also informed us that there is a remarkable improvement in his father’s voice and pronunciation.

Down below, is a screenshot of the correspondence between the patient’s son and our staff.

Correspondence between patient’s son and our Crew:

Attached below is a screenshot of the first letter:


I would like to ask about the supplement package for Parkinson’s disease, including price and delivery. So, do you have another center in Saudi Arabia?

Thank you.”

Parkinson's Disease
The patient is asking about the supplement package and delivery method.

The son’s reply to the e-mail we sent to check on his father was as follow:


Thank God, Almighty, after using your herbal supplements and abiding by the instructions you provided with it, my father felt remarkable improvement. Thus, his limbs are less stiff and he is able to move them easily. It has only been 20 days and we still have 30 days left. What would be the next step after we finish the first package?”

5 days later

The patient himself contacted us 5 days later that last mail and typed a detailed information about his health condition.

The patient wrote:

“I am Abed

I have Parkinson’s,

Voice improved by 30%

I am now capable of buttoning my shirts

Tremble decreased by 30%

Speech improved by 30%

Overall improvement 25%”

Parkinson's Disease
Improvement in detail:

These, were some of the messages that show the patient’s condition and the improvement he felt afterwards. Thus, the e-mails shows a noticeable improvement in the patient’s condition after using only one course of the supplements. Therefore, this story considered one of the most inspiring stories about overcoming Parkinson.

Hekma Center, under management of Prof. Hani Younis, provides its patients with various supplement packages for many intractable diseases. All our products are a 100% organic, certified by local ministry of health, and have a GMP certification. The products are packaged according to the strict international condition of safety, health and hygiene. It has the ISO-9001, the ISO-22000 certifications, and are manufactured in an FDA registered facility.‎‎

Our products are safe for use. You can find the botanical name (Latin name) of each herb on each packaging under product name in case you want to read more about them.

We wish all patients a speedy recovery.

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