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Natural Supplements for Low Sperm Motility

Natural Supplements for Low Sperm Motility


Why Supplement Package

1. It is safe for use and does not have side effects to it.

2. It has very high success rate.

3. We assign specialized staff members to accompany the patients.

4. We offer guidelines and healthy diet tips that best suits the patient’s health condition, including prohibited and allowed.

5. We offer home delivery via international courier companies.

Identification Card

  • Indicated for: Men with low sperm motility
  • Duration of package: 33 Days
  • Package weight: 1.6 KG
  • Package price: 540 USD

Supplements for Low Sperm Motility

The natural supplements below are indicated to help with low sperm motility.

Info: Many scientific studies have proven the medicinal properties as well as the efficiency of these herbs in helping with low sperm motility naturally without causing any side effects.


  1. Read all the instructions down below thoroughly, before you purchase the package.
  2. Pay close attention to the tips and guidelines.
  3. Go ahead and purchase Hekma Center upplements for low sperm motility.
  4. After you receive the package, make sure to contact our staffing team in order to open a patient file and get guidance and personal assistance.


  1. You should adhere completely to the list of instructions and to the healthy diet regime and detailed table of doses that you will receive with the package.
  2. This package is sufficient for 33 days. You will feel gradual improvement during this initial period.
    You should do a sperm test/semen analysis after you finish the first course of supplement. (most cases require 1-3 package maximum).
  3. Keep contact with your personal associate‎ (preferably once every 2 weeks or as needed) and keep him/her updated about the latest developments on your condition, so he/she can guide you throughout this period.
Note: If needed, then you should order the next package before you finish the current one, taking into account the estimated time of delivery (ETD).‎


  1. Stage1: A noticeable improvement in the sperm test/semen analysis after you finish the first course of supplement. One package may be enough at this point; however, some men might need to take another package to achieve the desired results. It depends on your body’s response to the supplements and on the amount of improvement.
  2. Stage2: A stage of a normal secretion of healthy sperm (shape, count and motility). This stage usually takes between 1-3 months since the beginning of the first package.
    The estimated time for this period varies from one man to another depending on various factors including age, overall health condition, lifestyle, morale, adherence to the instructions and the severity of the case itself.

Supplement package for Low Sperm Motility

Click on the product name to read more about it
Productbottle Count
Magic1 (Moringa Oleifera)1
DKN (Saw palmetto)1
Maca (Maca Root)1
Super.m (Tribulus terrestris)1
Astro (Astragalus membranaceus)1
Vitan (Ashwagandha)1
Jeen (Ginkgo Biloba)1
Mucu (Mucuna Pruriens Seed)1
L-Arg (L-Arginine)1
Zinc (Zinc picolinate)1
Sidr Honey with Royal Jelly1
Tip: In case of severe infertility, we recommend to add 1 bottle of each of the following products: Aspar product (Asparagus), EPIM product (Epimedium), and M.Executive product (Reishi and cordyceps mushrooms).
Tip: It is recommended to consume pollen with the package above. If not available, you can add Bee Pollen product.
Note: In case you are diabetic or have abnormal liver enzymes, we recommend adding 1 bottle of Dand. product (Dandelion) and 1 bottle of Cam1 product (Milk thistle).
Tip: If you suffer from severe stress, we recommend adding 1 bottle of the following to the package above: Verb. product (Verbena), Baical product (Chinese skullcap), and Dam. product (Damiana).
Tip: If you have vitamin or mineral deficiency, prefer to add 1 bottle of Magic.wb product (Wheat and barley grass) and 1 bottle of Spiru product (Spirulina) to the package above.
Note: If you have UTI or semen inflammation, prefer to add 1 bottle of each of the following to the package above: AK product (Propolis), Ech.r product (Echinacea root), and Kur product (Nettle leaf).


Hekma Center package for low sperm motility is very intensive, as it includes many herbal products. Each product/herb has a different medicinal property that contributes to better sperm motility:

  1. Some herbs improve the proper functioning of the reproductive system and stimulate blood flow to reproductive organs, which improves semen quality and promotes production of healthy sperm.
  2. Other herbs help increase the secretion of healthy sperm with no deformities, as well as improve sperm motility and speed.
  3. Certain herbs are indicated to balance the hormones in the body.
  4. Some herbs are indicated to improve erection and sexual performance in men. They also improve ejaculation and semen volume.
  5. Some herbs detoxifies the body and liver from accumulated toxins. Moreover, they provide the body with essential vitamins and minerals that keep it healthy and capable of producing healthy sperm.
  6. Other Herbs improve metabolism and absorption of vitamins and minerals in the digestive system to induce production of healthy sperm.
  7. Some of them boost immunity since they contain antioxidants and antibiotics that reduce inflammation in the body; as well as, the reproductive system and the urinary tracts, which may be the main cause to abnormal sperm production.
  8. Adherence to the diet regime included with the package also contributes to improving sperm quality and secretion.


Our natural package for low sperm motility consists of 11 herbal products:

Moringa, Saw palmetto, Maca root, Tribulus terrestris, Astragalus, Ashwagandha, Ginkgo biloba, Mucuna, L-Arginine, Zinc picolinate, in addition to Sidr honey with royal jelly.


  1. If you have another health condition other than low sperm motility, you should mention that to your personal associate.
  2. Patients who are about to undergo surgery, must stop the consumption of supplements a week before the surgery and a week after, before they can proceed further.


  • 100% organic and have very high quality.
  • Manufactured in an FDA registered facility.‎
  • Hold ISO-9001 and ISO-22000 certificate.‎
  • Certified by The local ministry of health and hold GMP certificate.
  • Are packed according to the strict international conditions of safety, health and ‎‎hygiene.
  • Are exclusive to Hekma Center and can only be purchased through our website or through approved sales websites such as amazon.
Note: The results may vary from one patient to another.
Warning: This supplement package is prohibited in case the patient is allergic to one or more of the herbs included in the package.

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