The Story of a Qatari Child Who Recovered from ADHD and Autism after Many Years of Struggle

In today’s world kids became more exposed to technology, which has affected their ability ‎to communicate, verbalize their thoughts and to socialize with other people. Moreover, the food that kids consume today lacks essential nutrients mainly vitamins and minerals. This leads to many health and mental issues causing disorders such as ADHD.

Jam from Qatar used to suffer from acute Autism and ADHD. These two disorders usually occur together especially if the child has accumulated toxins and heavy metals in his body.

Jam was able to recover from both disorders that he had due to excessive use of electronal devices at a very young age. Approximately 12 hours a day. Jam also suffered from electrical overloads in the brain, which resulted in frequent seizures.

Jam’s mother contacted us inquiring upon our supplement package for ADHD for her son. In her message, she explained the symptoms her son has, saying that he has difficulty socializing with other, lack of concentration, and inability to speak normally. She continues saying that he is physically abusive, has sleeping disorders, anxious, has dry skin, constantly bites his hands, hyperactive, has red ears and has frequent seizures.

Purchasing the Supplement Package for ADHD

The mother decided to purchase Hekma Center package for ADHD and placed an order in the website. In addition to the supplement package, she order other products that help detoxify Jam’s body from toxins and contribute helping with Autism.

She preferred the natural supplements over Ritalin especially after she noticed the adverse effects of Ritalin and other chemical drugs on her son. Those drugs even worsened the symptoms.

Info: Our supplement package for ADHD consists of various herbal supplements including E-GOTO product (Gotu kola), Vitan product (Ashwagandha), Verb. product (Verbena officinalis), Roz product (Rosemary), and jeen product (Ginkgo biloba).

Jam journey of recovery from ADHD started on November 27, 2019 when he received the package. A week later, on December 2, 2019 his mother contacted us saying that ADHD has reduced by 75% until it reached 25%.

We asked her to be more accurate and to explain the improvement in her son’s condition in details.

Her answer was

“My son was hyperactive by 60-75%. Now his hyperactivity dropped to 20-25%. In the center where he is treated, they say that his behavioral level has improved significantly. He would also sleep 10 hours a day and does not wakes up in the middle of the night. He is no longer angry and no longer bites; therefore, his skin seems to look better. One more thing I need to tell you is that a few days ago my husband decided to give him medication that his doctor prescribed for him. When he took pills he could not sleep and kept screaming, until I gave him one capsule of verbena (Verb); only then he got back to sleep”

Jam’s mother for sure is a great mom by the way she cares for him. She complied with the wellness program and the guidelines that we gave her.

Jam is Only Few Steps Away from Achieving Full Recovery from ADHD

Our staffing team at Hekma Center contacted the mother on December 11, 2019 for follow up. There comes the great news. The mother says that the epileptic activity is gone. Moreover, Jam is now able to communicate better. He started making eye contact and he understands what they are telling him.

A Thank You Letter from Jam’s Mother

After they did the EEG test for Jam, the results showed that he no longer has the epileptic activity that he used to have. Also, after his mother noticed the great improvement in his behavior and communication after using our supplement package for ADHD, she wrote to us saying “My son acts like a normal kid. He is able to speak better and to concentrate more. His perception and comprehension has improved as well. He used to have severe autism, but now he has mild autism.”

Below, is a screenshot of her letter where she explains the improvement in her son’s condition.

Recovery from ADHD

Recovery from ADHD

Recovery from ADHD

Recovery from ADHD
A medical document which shows great improvement in Jem’s condition indicating that he is on the path of recovery from ADHD
Note: Jam is still adhering to the wellness program for ADHD and autism.
Note: Results may vary from one person to another.
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