Ahlam’s Story Who Recovered from Ulcerative Colitis

Ahlam was only 23 years old when she had Ulcerative Colitis. The unbearable disease turned her life upside down.  It prevented her from doing the simplest daily activities. While girls at her age enjoyed their life, Ahlam could not leave the house. She was always tired and suffered from endless pain, as well as from abdominal colics and diarrhea. Not to mention, the huge amount of drugs that she had to take which caused adverse side effects. Today Ahlam is completely healthy and  she has recovered from Ulcerative colitis.

She was introduced to our wellness program for colitis through her mother who was seeking a radical solution that could help her daughter regain her normal life back.

Contacting Hekma Center for the First Time

Ahlam contacted our center for the first time on March 22, 2016, 8 months after her diagnosis. In her letter, she said that she was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis via colonoscopy and that she is taking Imuran and Asacol drugs. According to Ahlam, the drugs helped stabilize her condition for only a while, but then the symptoms have returned and she had bloody stools.

The attached below is a screenshot of Ahlam’s first message:

Our staff, at Hekma Center asked Ahlam to send her medical documents in order to give her supplements that could rescue her.

Info: Our supplement package for Ulcerative colitis consists of various herbal products including Pomegranate peel (Room product), Moringa (Magic1 product), and Echinacea root (Ech.r product)

Ahlam received her first course of supplements on April 27, 2016.‎

Attached below is a screenshot of her medical reports as well as her message after she received the supplements:

After she finished the first package, Ahlam contacted us again to thank us for the remarkable improvement that she feels regarding her condition. In her message, Ahlam also had some queries about the given diet regime.

See attached photo below:

Hekma Center Follow-up with the Patients

On August 25, 2016, and while she was on her third course of supplements, Ahlam sent a message to inform us that even though the blood in her stool disappeared, her health condition has worsened and she is having high fever in addition to abdominal colics and acute diarrhea.

Due to our expertise in this field of natural remedies, we suspected that she might have a virus or a parasite, because the symptoms that she mentioned had nothing to do with ulcerative colitis.‎ Therefore, we suggested for her to do lab tests, which indeed showed that she had amoeba parasite.

See attached photos:

As in all our wellness programs, we keep contact with our patients until they gain their health back.

Ahlam could eventually recover from ulcerative colitis. When we asked her to tell her story in order to spread more awareness and help other patients, she replied immediately to our request.

Attached below is a screenshot of the Whatsapp conversation with the patient:


Recovered from Ulcerative ColitisRecovered from Ulcerative Colitis

Ahlam Writes Her Story After She Recovered from Ulcerative Colitis

Ahlam wrote, “I am a Jordanian girl who had ulcerative colitis for 7 years. I suffered from severe pain and diarrhea and was treated with cortisone and Pentasa – up to 8 pills a day because of my intestinal bleeding.

This intolerable disease prevented me from having a normal life. My illness deprived me of going anywhere. I was always in pain and felt tired most of the times. I also had severe symptoms of abdominal colics and diarrhea.

Later on, my doctor added another medication, Imuran. And when I read about it, I found out that it is immunosuppressive and that it has adverse side effects.

Days passed by, until one day my mother found your page on Facebook. She suggested that I should contact you.
Huda, a member of your staff, explained to me all about the natural wellness package. She was very professional; therefore, I decide to go ahead and purchase the package.

I received the package within a week and started with it immediately following the given instructions.

My health condition improved day by day. Today, 2 years after I finished the package for ulcerative colitis, I still feel greater than ever because I had my normal life back.”

Down below, is a screenshot of her handwritten letter:

Recovered from Ulcerative Colitis

Recovered from Ulcerative Colitis

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