A Patients Who had Gangrene and was about to Lose His Limbs

This is a story of a 52-year-old patient who got gangrene in all limbs (hands and feet) after he did a Lithotripsy to break kidney stones at Haemek Hospital in Afula. After the Lithotripsy, the patient went into a coma. And when he woke up, he was shocked to see that one of his hand amputated. The doctors at the hospital informed him that they have to remove his other hand and two feet because of the gangrene.

The patient’s wife objected to the doctor’s decision and decided to ask Prof. Hani Younis to help her with her husband’s condition. They did not agree with limb amputation.

The hospital director allowed the patient’s wife to try the option of medicinal herbs due to the patient’s hopeless condition.

After a short period of using the herbal supplements, the patient had completely recovered from gangrene. He did not need to remove his remaining limbs to survive. Thus, today he lives in good health and practices all daily activities normally.

recovered from gangrene

Participation of Prof. Younis in the Annual Conference for Naturopathy

Prof. Hani Younis participated in the annual conference of naturopaths under the auspices of the Association of Herbalists “Eilam” at Sheba Medical Center on Monday, July 7, 2012.

The main theme of the conference was about medicinal herbs that contributes to increasing blood flow in the arteries.

Prof. Younis was invited to give a lecture about his experience with the use of these herbs and also show examples of some cases where the herbal supplements were successful.


The lecture that Prof. Younis gave received high admiration from the audience at the conference for the importance of its topic.

Prof. Younis lecture was about the Caper plant that greatly helps stimulate blood flow to dead body parts, in cases like gangrene. Prof. Younis showed his audience photographs of some cases where he used caper (botanical name: Capparis spinosa); including photographs of the former patient who had gangrene as a result of Lithotripsy. ‎

He displayed the pictures of that patient orderly, from the day he started natural wellness program with caper until he recovered from gangrene. He also explained scientifically how the patient’s condition improved over time.

Prof. Hani Younis received a certificate of appreciation for his participation in the conference. In an interview with Prof. Younis on his lecture, he said, “The conference was very successful and the lecture I gave received a great interaction from all the naturopaths as well as the large audience at the conference.”

The conference has welcomed a group of Jewish and foreign naturopaths who addressed different types of herbs that help stimulate blood flow in the body. They also addressed several problems, including the digestive issues that can affect blood flow in the body.

recovered from gangrene

recovered from gangrene

recovered from gangrene


Note: Results may vary from person to person.

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