The Story of an Omani Who Recovered from Diabetes and Triglycerides

Ahmad suffered from type 2 diabetes mellitus and Triglycerides; however, today he recovered and became completely ‎healthy using Hekma Center herbal products.

Ahmad first contacted us on July 24, 2018, via email and explained his health condition. He mentioned that he has high index of triglycerides and liver fat. He also mentioned that he has digestive disorder, which causes him shortness of breath.

Ahmad added that his excretions are irregular and he has gases, in addition to a lower back pain and left leg pain especially when he has constipation.

Below is Ahamd’s first letter to Hekma Center:

Our professional team replied to his email and inquired upon a few more things regarding his health condition, and asked him to send his medical reports.

The following, is his medical report before taking our supplements for diabetes and triglycerides. The medical document shows blood sugar index 136 after fast.

Recovered from Diabetes

Starting with the Wellness Program from Hekma Center

When Prof. Younis looked at his medical reports, he suggested a certain supplements that would be effective in his case. On September 6, 2017, Ahmad made his purchase.

Two days later, we shipped the supplement package to the patients address on Oman. ‎

Info: Our supplement package for cholesterol and triglycerides consists of different medicinal herbs including extract of grape seeds (E-grape product), moringa (Magic.1 product), Milk thistle (Cam1 product), and tea of hawthorn and olive leaves (Norz product).
Info: Our supplement package for Diabetes includes Siberian ginseng (S.G1 product), Astragalus (Astro product), Gotu kola (E-GOTO product) in addition to other products.

See attached photo below:

Our staffing team kept contact with the patient during the whole program period. They gave him guidelines on how to use the supplements and what diet regime he should follow. They also answered all his queries and questions during the whole period.

10 days into the first course of supplements, Ahmad contacted us saying that blood sugar index is still elevated. Later on, it turns out that he was not completely adherent to the program and the given instructions.

Thereafter, our team explained to him the importance of complying with the program and the given instructions because they are the essence in the wellness program for Diabetes and triglycerides.

Like our ancestors said: “The stomach is the home of disease and restraint is the basis of the remedy.”

Below is Ahmad’s messages to us:

Recovered from Diabetes

Ahmad’s Recovery from Diabetes and Triglycerides

On October 28, 2017, Ahmad sent us a Whatsapp message to inform us that hey feels great improvement when he committed to the program. His blood sugar index is in the normal range. It shows 110-120 after fast.

He adds that after meals it reaches up to 200, but it decreases gradually afterwards.

Below is a screenshot of his messages:

Recovered from Diabetes

On January 10, 2018, Ahmad sent the new test, which show that he has completely recovered from diabetes and triglycerides. Blood sugar rate shows 5.70% which is in the normal range of healthy people.

See the screenshot of his Whatsapp messages below:

Our staffing team at Hekma Center shared his joy and advised him to continue with the wellness package to maintain recovery.

Attached below, are the latest medical reports that show his recovery from diabetes and triglycerides:

Recovered from Diabetes
The last medical report that shows Ahmad finally recovered from diabetes
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