Samah Recovered from Pneumonia with Hekma Center Supplements

Spring allergy or seasonal allergy is a very common type of allergy. It causes a number of symptoms including cough, itching, and shortness of breath.

Seasonal allergy may at times aggravate and turn into chronic bronchitis or pneumonia that is relatively hard to treat. Unlike familiar pneumonia, this allergy related type of pneumonia is hard to treat with the commonly used medications and antibiotics.

Samah 36, from Jordan, have suffered from seasonal allergy and dry cough for quite sometimes until it turned into chronic pneumonia. Her illness caused a feeling of discomfort and chest pain, in addition to shortness of breath at times accompanied with coughing.

Samah gave up on the bronchodilators, the antihistaminic drugs, and cortisone, as she did not find desired results with them. Therefore, she turned to Hekma Center for a radical solution and ordered the supplement package for spring allergy with emphasis on accompanied pneumonia.

Complete Recovery from Pneumonia

Samah took only one course of the supplements, which lasts for one month. A year later, she contacted us to ask about suggested supplements for her cousin. When we asked about her condition, she said that she never had pneumonia ever since she took the supplements and that she still has mild cough. We suggested that she take a few products to help with that dry cough and prevent its comeback.

Below is a screenshot of her whatsapp messages:

Recover from Pneumonia

Recover from Pneumonia

Samah’s message saying that she recovered from pneumonia

Hekma Center Supplements

It usually takes a few months to see improvement with seasonal allergy with natural herbs. It is also preferable to purchase the first course of supplements with emphasis on pneumonia. Then we recommend the patients to take a diluted dosage of the supplements to avoid allergy comeback.

Info: Our supplement package for Seasonal allergy and pneumonia consists of different medicinal herbs including Moringa, Propolis, Echinacea root, Gotu kola, and Feverfew.

It is important to know that we send a list of daily instructions and healthy diet regime that should help the patient recover from pneumonia and seasonal allergy.

Today samah only takes moringa and MSM supplements for prevention purposes.

Note: Results may vary from one person to another.
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