Herbal Supplements for Multiple Sclerosis – The Story of Dr. A

Dr. A. is a practitioner who has Progressive-Relapsing MS (PRMS) – MS – Multiple Sclerosis. She came across our website while she was searching the internet for a remedy to her Multiple Sclerosis disease. After she read about our supplement packages, she decided to contact us.

She wrote to us asking for help. In her e-mail, she mentions that she has difficulty in walking because it is hard for her to keep her balance; and that she suffers from tiredness and exhaustion. Dr. A has expressed her positive opinion about herbal supplements in general, saying that she prefers them over the chemical medications. While, Dr. A is totally convinced with our natural products. This is because, as a Doctor, she knew that conventional medicine could not provide cure from Multiple Sclerosis; and that the medication it has to offers can only postpone attack occurrence and nothing more.

Dr. A said that she did not dare to take chemical medications not even cortisone. She only tried one type of medication for 6 months that a British Doctor once prescribed for her and it did nothing. While, with our herbal supplements and wellness program she regained her health. She knew that recovery requires a change in lifestyle and that it can only be achieved with natural remedies if ever.

Dr. A went ahead and sent all the required documents. Prof. Hani Younis went over the documents and then decided upon a supplement package for Multiple Sclerosis that should help with her condition.

Dr. A ordered her first supplement package and started with it immediately. Moreover, she knew the importance of abiding by the given instructions and diet regime. Therefore, after a while, almost a week, we received a message from the patient informing us that she already feels remarkable improvement in her condition.

Adherence to the Supplements and Wellness Program

Attached below, are screenshots of her messages:

Progressive Relapsing MS
Dr. A has some quiries about the next course of supplements, asking about LDN medication that her doctor prescribed and expressing her strong belief in the herbal supplements.

Attached below is a screenshot of the patient’s message, a week after using our herbal supplements:

Dr. A shows how her health has gradually improved

On the 22 day of the second course of supplements for Progressive-Relapsing MS, Dr. A contacted us again.

Dr. A’s health has improved yet she is still not recovered

She was so happy to see her body respond that rapidly to the supplements. She said that she felt a remarkable improvement in a short period.

So, the mentioned improvement was mainly in the act of walking. In other words, she was able to walk for distances and maintain balanced. In addition, the “electric flashes” that she used to feel were almost gone.

Here is a screenshot of the patient’s message explaining the new development in her condition after using the first dose of supplements for Progressive-Relapsing MS:

Progressive Relapsing MS
Dr. A knows that improvement comes gradually


After Dr.A completed the first course of supplements, she ordered another two. She felt better with each day that passes. By the end of the fourth course, on February 25, 2019, Dr. A contacted us again.

In her letter, the patient explained that she had an MRI scan of the brain and the spinal cord and that the results showed that there was no presence of any white spots in the Bone marrow, the cerebellum or the brain stem.

Here is a screenshot of the last e-mail from the patient:


Progressive Relapsing MS
She had an MRI scan of the brain and the spinal cord and the results showed that there was no presence of any white spots in the Bone marrow
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