Noura from Jordan Fulfilled Her Dream and Became a Mother after 2 Years of Chemotherapy

Motherhood became a dream that is hard to achieve for Noura, 31 from Jordan after she was diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer. What shattered her dream was that she underwent mastectomy and had to take chemotherapy and hormonal therapy, which significantly decreased her chances of getting pregnant. These type of treatments cause amenorrhea, therefore reduce the chances of getting pregnant.

However, Noura did not give up and decided to contact us for help. We at Hekma Center gave her a natural supplements that would help prevent the comeback of cancer and would increase her chances of getting pregnant after chemotherapy.

Noura got pregnant in March 2019 after she finished Hekma Center wellness package for cancer.

Contacting Hekma Center for the First Time

Noura contacted our staffing team for the first time on January 17, 2018. In her email, she mentioned that she underwent mastectomy (removal of her breast).

She also mentioned that, ever since her diagnosis of metastatic breast cancer, ‎2 years ago, she took up to six chemo sessions. Moreover, her doctor suggested that she should take hormone therapy and radiotherapy for the next 5 years to prevent comeback of cancer.

Attached below, is a screenshot of her first email and the medical reports that show her diagnosis:

Deciding Upon the Suitable Supplement Package for Noura

Noura sent all her medical reports, which enabled us to examine her condition properly and give her the effective supplements. Noura took our supplement package for breast cancer for two continuous months and then switched to the wellness package.

Info: Our package for breast cancer consists of various herbal products including Curcumin (TKR product), Blend powder of medicinal mushrooms (M.Therapic product), and moringa (Magic1 product).
Info: The wellness package for breast cancer is a diluted dosage of the former package, which the patient purchases once every 3 months.

Our staffing team kept contact with Noura through Whatsapp and email and gave her guidelines on how to use the supplements and adhere to the given instructions.

We also instructed her on how to balance her hormones in order to regulate her menstrual cycle and prepare her body for pregnancy.

The following are some of Noura’s queries and our answers to them:

Noura is One out of Many Patients that We were Able to Help

On April 9, 2018, after she finished the second course of supplements, Noura contacted us again. She said that she feels great improvement in her condition as she got her period back after it stopped for a long time due chemotherapy.

She also mentioned that the bone pain disappeared completely.

We encouraged her to continue with our wellness package for breast cancer to ensure the results and obtain the required pregnancy at the end.

Below is a screenshot of her message:

The MRI Results

A couple of months passed by until Noura contacted us with the great news of her full recovery. She attached the MRI results, which showed that her body was completely clean of metastasis.

Below are her email and a copy of the MRI results:

Continuing with the Wellness Package for Breast Cancer

Noura took the wellness package for a whole year. Our supplements helped purify her body from accumulated toxins and reduce the side effects of chemotherapy. Noura refused to undergo hormone therapy and radiotherapy and instead she settled for our supplements and the guidelines we gave her in order to adopt a healthier lifestyle.

See attached photos below:

  pregnant after chemotherapy pregnant after chemotherapy pregnant after chemotherapy pregnant after chemotherapy pregnant after chemotherapy pregnant after chemotherapy pregnant after chemotherapy

Noura’s Attempts to Get Pregnant

A year and a half later, Noura finally managed to get pregnant after her second try. Today she is a happy mother to a healthy child. Noura defeated cancer and was able to get pregnant even though she took chemotherapy.

See Attached photos below:

pregnant after chemotherapy pregnant after chemotherapy

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