A thank you letter from Ms. Budour, who used to suffer from panic attacks and anxiety

We bring to you the story of Budour, a 35-year-old resident of one of the Persian Gulf states. Budour used to suffer from severe anxiety and stress which affected her daily being and caused her frustration.

Budour’s suffering began when one night she woke up terrified. She felt accelerated heartbeat and her limbs getting cold. She was sweating excessively and abnormally. she did not know at first what it was.
Later on, when the frequency of the occurring symptoms increased, she went to see a cardiologist thinking she might be having a heart disease.

However, the cardiologist who examined her explained to her that she is having panic attacks and prescribed her medications.
When the suggested treatment did not work, she started to search for a solution through Google search, until she came across our website with the help of her best friend.

Below is Budour’s first message to Hekma Center:

Panic Attack
Budour explains how medications did not help her overcome anxiety.

In her message to us

Budour explains the reason behind her anxieties. She says: ” Peace be upon you, My name is Budour. I am 35 and single. I am originally from Syria but currently live in …….. . After the death of my father in the Syrian war 4 years ago, I suffered from strange fits. At first I did not know what it was, but when the fits became more frequent and started to negatively affect my daily life and also caused me hypertension, I went to see a cardiologist.

He suggested that I do Electrocardiography (ECG). When the results came out normal, he told me that I am having severe panic attacks and prescribed me 2 medications, Cipralex in the morning and another medication in evening in addition to Inderal 10mg. I felt improvement in my condition as a result of these medications; therefore, I continued with Cipralex for 2 years until my condition became stable, and then I gradually disposed of it.

6 months ago I had some major problems in life and I noticed that my panic attacks are coming back. I started to wake up again in the middle of the night frightened and my heart is racing. I also had lack of energy and vitality, as well as, negative thoughts, dizziness, constant anxiety, shortness of breath, restlessness and a fear of going through that loop once again especially when taking medication was not a pleasant experience. Therefore, I seek your help in my case. Thank you in advance. Awaiting your response.”

A Month After Taking the Natural supplements for Anxiety

Only one month passed by after using our herbal supplements, and the symptoms started to gradually disappear.
Budour, has finished her first course of the supplements within a short period of time. When her condition has significantly improved; she sent us a thank-you letter.

Attached below is her after she finished her wellness program with Hekma Center:

Budour had fully recovered from anxiety and panic attacks

In her letter

Budour says: ” Greetings, My name is Budour. Not long ago, I suffered from massive stress which caused me panic attacks that were manifested in tachycardia, sweat and cold limbs. These symptoms are not considered dangerous; however, they cause constant discomfort and hinders the course of a daily life. So I was eager to get treatment because I was unable to deal with it anymore.

When I was browsing the internet, I came across Hekma Center website. I contacted them and they were very cooperative and helpful. They told me they have herbal supplements that could help with my condition. They recommended that I take Ashwagandha, Moringa oleifera, Gotu kola and Chinese skullcap. I read a lot about the properties of these herbs and found out that they are useful for several other conditions and not only for anxiety and panic attacks, so I decided to start with the supplements and to abided by the given instructions. At the beginning, I did not feel much improvement, but I continued anyway. It took 3-4 weeks for the symptoms to gradually subside until they have finally disappeared.

Since we are always exposed to stressful things, I decided to continue with the natural supplements for stress because they give calmness and tranquility and also because they are rich in vitamins.

I am grateful for having met with you great people and for having been treated with your center. God bless you all”

Info: Our supplement package for anxiety includes Ashwagandha – Winter Cherry, Baikal Skullcap, Moringa Olefera, Gotu kola and other herbs.

Attached below is a more comprehensive letter from Budour upon our request to share her story to the public in order to spread awareness:

Budour’s interested in continuing with the supplements.

Upon our request to share her story

Budour writes the following: “Greetings, It all started when I used to suddenly wake up in the middle of the night feeling afraid and my heart is racing. I was sweating excessively and my limbs were cold. This situation repeated itself frequently day and night until it became unbearable. So I went to see a cardiologist thinking I might be having a heart disease, but he told me that these are called panic attacks that youth people usually experience as a result of massive stress or the loss of someone close. This is when my journey of healing began.

I can honestly say from experience that I believe in natural remedies and its priority to conventional remedies; therefore I browsed Google for natural medications. I found your website through a friend of mine who liked your page on Facebook. First, I read a lot about the herbal remedies that you offer and then I browsed Google to read more about the features and properties of these herbs. I found out that these herbs have great benefits and thought to myself, if chemical medications have many side effects and people still take them anyway, then why should I doubt trying the herbal medication?! According to what I have read, if these natural herbs could not help you, they will for sure not cause you any harm. So I decided to contact Hekma Center and to order the supplement package.

I still remember that at the beginning I did not feel much improvement so I contacted the center regarding and they told me that I have to continue any way, so I did. After a month I noticed that all the symptoms disappeared completely.

A great thank you to Prof. Hani Younis and Hekma staff may Allah bless them all.”


We ask Allah (God) to give us the power to help all patients with our supplements. We ask him to give all patients the strength to make it through their illnesses and hard times.

Our staff at Hekma Center send Budour a letter of congratulate after she had fully got over anxiety and panic attacks.

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