Ms. SH Was Successful To Overcome Herpes Simplex Virus (HSV) With Hekma Center

On December 7, 2022, Ms. SH contacted us to inquire about the genital and oral herpes virus package. Our staff responded to her as follows:

“Yes, there is. We will provide a detailed plan, which includes instructions that will guide you throughout the treatment journey. These will include the dietary restrictions, dosages and how to take the supplements, and other tips and instructions.

We provide healthy dietary advice that best suits HSV patients.”

She replied saying: “Ok. Thank You so much for your response. I am really excited to take my life back and so grateful to have come across your treatment program! There are so many people close to me, even relatives, that I am going to be excited to share my soon results with so that they can get treatment as well! I do have a question about sexual intercourse? Will I need to refrain from all types of protected sexual intercourse during the treatment time. My fiance is recently tested and still negative.”

Ms SH Was Successful To Overcome HSV with Hekma Center

Note: About HSV Package

  • This herbal formula will help you to completely eliminate herpes virus from your body (Genital Herpes and Oral Herpes).
  • It includes 15 different medicinal herbs, each herb has its own unique role in eliminating the virus.

Ms. SH bought the package and started taking the supplements. She also kept in touch with our staff and asked about all the details regarding the instructions and the diet.

Ms SH Was Successful To Overcome HSV with Hekma Center

The positive test result that was done before taking the Hekma formula, which indicates that Ms. SH was infected with the herpes virus :

HSV Package

On December 17, 2022, she delivered the good news to us. She sent us the blood test result, which indicates that she has no longer HSV, she is cured of herpes simplex virus :

HSV Package

The test result that Ms. SH took after completing the HSV package. The result is negative, which confirms that she is completely cured of the herpes virus :

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