Multiple Sclerosis and Memory Loss: How Does MS Affect your Memory?

Multiple sclerosis (MS), as is known, causes several symptoms; some are motor, while others are cognitive, such as memory loss. Note that memory loss might be mild and manageable. However, it might also be severe and uncontrollable.
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Multiple Sclerosis and Memory Loss

MS is an inflammatory disease, whereby the immune system damages the protective myelin sheath surrounding the nerves. Which may cause nerve damage. When the nerves in the central nervous system and the myelin sheath are damaged, the signals will not transmit properly between the nerves, leading to several symptoms.

Patients might lose their memory if they had memory-related symptoms. Wherein memory loss is one of the most prominent cognitive symptoms MS patients suffer from. Moreover, the symptoms MS patients have impact attention, ability to process information, and concentration. Note that cognitive symptoms occur to approximately 34% to 65% of multiple sclerosis patients.

Can MS Have Other Indirect Effects on Memory?

MS can impact various aspects of the body and mind, and it might have an indirect impact on memory. For example, multiple sclerosis patients might have sleeping issues, memory loss, and fatigue. And developing this disease increases the risk of depression and anxiety. And researchers linked these symptoms with memory issues. Furthermore, the patient’s lifestyle and health condition are associated with memory loss, such as malnutrition, head injuries, and others.

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How Can Medications Impact the Memory?

Many medications help slow down MS progression, Which in turn prevent or delay brain damage and memory loss. However, certain medications have harmful side effects related to the memory. For example, some medications used for treating overactive bladder or relieving pain might weaken the memory.

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