Mr. “B” Precious Words After Curing Herpes Virus With Hekma Center Formula

Words from the heart

“I just finished your HSV1/2 supplement program and was overwhelmed with joy when my test result came back negative for both HSV1 and HSV2 (I tested positive for both just prior to starting the program). I followed your protocol to a tee, with the exception of a few cheats in diet. I would like to submit a testimonial but could not find anywhere on your website where I can do that I would very much like to add to your list of success stories!

Please direct me on where or how I can do this. Many thanks for your product and the non-drug approach to a complete cure. It continues to baffle me on how out of touch and ignorant medical doctors are in regards to the strength and capabilities of own immune system. I would love to share my gratitude to anyone considering your HSV solution. Indeed, a solution it is!”

These were the words of Mr. “B” that express his happiness on curing the herpes virus.

herpes package

On April 26, 2022, Mr. B (64 years old) inquired about the Hekma Center HSV package.

Our staff replied and provided him the needed information.

herpes package

Mr. B’s story with the herpes virus

Mr. B ordered the HSV package hoping that it would be the reason for eliminating the herpes virus from his body.

He tried his best to follow the protocol provided with the package as he could


On June 27, 2022, Mr. B sent us an email saying he got rid of the herpes virus. He also sent his medical reports that he did before and after taking the Herpes package from Hekma Center.




The blood test result before taking the Hekma Center’s package



The blood test result after taking the Hekma Center’s package for Herpes Virus, which shows that Mr. B is completely cured of Herpes Virus :

We congratulate Mr. B for his great result and wish him a healthy life filled with joy.

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