Organic Sulfur (MSM)

Sulfur is the third most abundant mineral in the human body after calcium and phosphor. It exists in every living cell in our bodies; therefore, it is essential and our bodies constantly need it. And not consuming it leads to cell death, buts thanks to God, sulfur exists in many organic foods.

Sulfur makes up to 1% of body weight. And it is a cornerstone of building all different amino acids in our bodies. It is also part of some vitamins, antioxidants, anticoagulants, and some enzymes.

However, unfortunately, sulfur is neglected in medical research and nutrition science, and is not given enough attention in research as a supplement.
As for old medical treatments around the world, further effort was made in using sulfur as a relief, whether by applying it on the skin, heated pools with sulfur-rich water, or sulfur-rich mud pools. This highly helps relieve joint problems, rheumatism, aches, bone inflammation, and skin diseases.

The Significance of Sulfur

Sulfur is like a biological concrete in restoring skin cells, hair, nails, and cartilage, and it protects cartilage from erosion. However, unfortunately, there is no particular test under blood tests that indicates the level of sulfur in the body or its deficiency like other minerals, such as calcium, sodium, potassium, and others. Garlic has been used since ancient times and by so many nations as a relief or protection against many diseases. And it contains a high level of organic sulfur. Moreover, sulfonamide compounds are drugs that contain sulfur and were used to relieve many diseases before discovering antibiotics in 1945.

Organic sulfur is a potent antibiotic that kills many types of bacteria. And Sulfonylureas are still given for cases that did not respond to other antibiotics. This poses the question, do we consume enough sulfur in our daily meals, like meat, egg yolk, and others?

Methyl Sulfonyl Methane (MSM)

Methylsulfonylmethane is an organosulfur compound found in nature, and in all living creatures, including humans, and it is the active form of sulfur.
MSM is a white crystalline powder that easily dissolves in hot water. And it has crucial biological potency qualities, whether for disease prevention or relief. MSM’s effectiveness was noticed on many diseases since old times through hot pools, where organic sulfur is highly concentrated, and the smell of the water and the area indicate so.

MSM has received renewed attention after discovering its significance for humans in the late 20th century. Doctor Stanly Jacob and doctor Robert Herschler, who are both chemists and were assigned to find out the uses and benefits of DSMO dimethyl sulfoxide; the by-product from wood pulp in the production of paper, significantly contributed to the usage of MSM. They noticed how easily DMSO dissolves in water and the skin absorbs it. And since it is liquid, MSM is oxidized DMSO. MSM compound is more stable than DMSO, and is equivalent when it comes to the biological effectiveness and medical uses minus the garlic smell and skin irritation caused by using DMSO.


The two researchers looked into the workers who dealt with DMSO in the factory and experienced its medical miracles. It was noticed that ulcers and wounds heal very fast, and some workers said they overcame asthma. While others overcame joint diseases and rheumatism after dealing with DMSO and extracting it from wood. From here the miracles of DMSO began to spread, and scientists began to search for the characteristics of this miracle compound.

Thousands of scientific articles all over the united states tackled DMSO. However, due to its foul smell and the sweat odor of the one using it (by drinking or applying it on the skin), DMSO usage did not spread a lot. Moreover, some cases noticed skin redness and sensitivity from using DMSO creams. Therefore, the adequate alternative, MSM, showed up, which is a stable compound in terms of oxidation and chemical reaction, and it dissolves quickly in water, and has no odor or side effects like DMSO.

MSM Qualities

Since MSM dissolves in water easily, it dissolves in the ground and plants absorb it easily. Therefore, it exists in large amounts in fresh vegetables and fruits, making up to 1-4 mg/ 1kg of fruits and vegetables. And it exists in cattle and cow milk (2-5mg/1kg of milk), but these ratios decrease when cooking or pasteurizing. Therefore, God told us to drink directly from cattle, for it is pure and pleasant to drink: {And there is a lesson for you in cattle: We give you a drink from their bellies, from between waste and blood, pure milk, refreshing to the drinkers.} -an-Nahl 66. It is pure and clean, and ready to drink, but if we heat up the milk, it loses a lot of MSM, leaving only 0.25 mg/1kg milk, the same goes for cooked or dries fruits and vegetables.

Although it is acceptable to ask your doctor for advice regarding food, drinks, and supplements, do not be surprised if the doctor did not know anything about dietary supplements in general, and MSM in particular. Therefore, you should read and educate yourself from research and pieces of advice. By doing this, you would know what is good and bad for you. Do not neglect your health and give it away to others without knowing what you consume and take.

Latest Research

We are aware that research indicated that MSM is not poisonous at all. And today we will tackle MSM for relieving aches and chronic health problems. In this article, we mentioned some examples of medical conditions with which MSM can help. However, you need to be patient, for the results might show after a few days, or even after a month or two.

Scientific research and experiments noticed that using MSM with vitamin C gives faster results and a higher relief chance. Vitamin C can be taken in capsules, or from the herb moringa, which contains a high vitamin C level and is easily absorbed. Therefore, take MSM with vitamin C for better results.

Some of the MSM uses include helping relieve muscle spasms, and increasing blood flow in the body, an example of this is spinal disc. MSM is like a flexible ligament between proteins. This flexibility is needed in many situations, like when old cells die and are replaced with new ones, we need MSM’s flexible ligaments in the skin in order to prevent skin fissures and marks. As well as relieving atherosclerosis and pulmonary fibrosis. We know that MSM and vitamin C deficiency in the body cause what we mentioned earlier of skin fissures, inflexibility of the skin, arteries, and lungs. As well as nose bleeding, cardiac arrest, red spots on the skin, spider naevus (spider-like swollen veins beneath skin surface), blood vessel weakness, and general health weakness.

The Body’s Need for Sulfur

We emphasize that our bodies need organic sulfur (MSM) in order to have healthy connective tissues and ligaments that are crucial for the body. Furthermore, we need organic sulfur for the proper function of joints and enzymes, balanced hormones, and for a robust immune system. Imagine your body with a weakened immune system, for there are many chemicals and conditions that weaken or disrupt the immune system nowadays.

It is worth noting that an allergy to organic sulfur, which heavily exists in our bodies, has not been mentioned. Organic sulfur is entirely different from chemical sulfur. Wherein if someone has an allergy of a chemical compound like sulfate does not necessarily mean that they are allergic of organic sulfur.


Organic sulfur (MSM) is useful for relieving the following diseases:

  • Allergy: Spring allergy, food allergy, and others.
  • Lung diseases: Asthma, pulmonary fibrosis, and lung failure.
  • Headaches, migraines, sinusitis, and otitis.
  • All joint inflammation.
  • Kidney pain, and rebuilding cartilage.
  • Skin problems, especially dryness, fissures, and skin asthma (psoriasis and eczema).
  • Diabetes.
  • All types of cancer.
  • Immune system diseases, weakness, or when immune system cells do not recognize and attack body cells.
  • Cystitis
  • Scleroderma
  • Stomach problems, indigestion, and heartburn.
  • Diverticulitis
  • Crohn’s disease.
  • Ulcerative Colitis.
  • When the intestines do not absorb food.
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome.
  • Helps build new cells, heal wounds fast, and relieve blisters.
  • Inflammation and pimples in the face, especially acne vulgaris.

Other Uses

Organic sulfur (MSM) is also useful for relieving the following diseases along with other different herbs:

  • Constipation.
  • Reducing scars after wounds, burns, or surgeries.
  • Softening the skin.
  • Strengthening the hair, fast growth, and stopping hair loss.
  • Stopping split nails, and speeding up nail growth.
  • Supplying the body with energy.
  • Dissolving MSM in water helps with burns (like aloe vera).
  • Skin dryness and fissures (in some cases, the skin bleeds, which is a symptom of sulfur deficiency, and these symptoms would immediately disappear when taking MSM).
  • Organic sulfur deficiency leads to scarring of the simplest injuries or wounds.
  • Organic sulfur deficiency in caged birds impacts the growth of their feathers, especially in their heads and necks, however, dissolving MSM in water solves this problem.
  • Emphysema disease is when the lungs’ sacs lose flexibility. This flexibility distinguishes the lungs, since they fill up with air then shrink all the time, which requires significant flexibility. And no other organ has this characteristic. Therefore, when the lungs lose flexibility, the amount of oxygen flowing to the body, brain, heart, kidneys, and liver reduces. Causing severe damage if the disease aggravates and is left untreated. MSM can quickly retain the lungs’ flexibility and increases the oxygen level in the body. So we see the patient manage without oxygen little by little. And become able to walk much more than before within 3-4 months.
  • Research regarding diabetes type 2 indicated the success and efficiency of MSM and vitamin C in decreasing the sugar level in the blood and relieving it within a few months. And in some cases, it helped people with diabetes type 1.
  • MSM can protect against allergies of bee, mosquito, or spider bites.
  • MSM can reduce bad cholesterol within a short time.
  • Plenty of minerals and vitamins need MSM and vitamin C to function properly.
  • MSM and vitamin C can help with gum diseases.

We, at Hekma Center use MSM, or organic sulfur, in many wellness supplement packages for Multiple Sclerosis, Acne Vulgaris, Osteoporosis, Parkinson’s Disease, and some types of Skin and Brain Cancer, among others.

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