One HSV Package was Enough: Mr. Jo’s Story In Curing Herpes Virus with Hekma Center

The herpes package was enough to get rid of the herpes virus.

Our new story began on September 7, 2022, when Mr. Jo purchased the herpes virus package. He started his journey by asking us how long it would take to deliver the package.

We told him it would take 2-4 days to deliver it to his address via FedEx.

Mr. Jo was excited to receive the package and begin his journey with us.

One HSV Package was Enough: Mr. Jo’s Story with Hekma

On the 10th of September, Mr. Jo received his package and wanted to check if it was safe to take some supplements with it, so he sent us pictures of those supplements for us to confirm.

Our staff answered him and told him about the supplements he was allowed to take while taking the HSV package.

One HSV Package was Enough: Mr. Jo’s Story with Hekma One HSV Package was Enough One HSV Package was Enough Mr. Jo’s Story with Hekma

After confirming all the details and things to do while taking the herpes package, Mr. Jo started his journey with us on September 10, 2022.

Blood Test Results after Using the Package

On November 29, 2022, Mr. Jo sent us the blood test results for us to review. He sent the IgG blood test for HSV1 and HSV2.

Mr. Jo’s Story with Hekma

We told him on November 30th that the results of his blood test for HSV2 became negative (it was positive before, which means he is cured of herpes type 2 – HSV2), but he is still positive for HSV1, but the IgG values decreased from 9.37 to 1.79, which is an excellent improvement.

For this reason, we advised him to complete the package to get rid of HSV1.

The test results before using the package showing positive results for both HSV2 and HSV1 :

The test results after using the Hekma package showing negative results for HSV2 :

We congratulate Mr. Jo on these results knowing that he completed his treatment for Herpes Type 1 (HSV1), and waiting for the test result of HSV1.

Note: The featured image is for illustrative purposes only.

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