Treating Cancer and Other Diseases with Chemotherapy. Is Chemotherapy the Cure for Cancer?

Can cancer and other diseases be treated with chemotherapy? This is what we are going to discuss in this article.

Despite the development of several various fields in the 21st century, the treatments that modern medicine provides are only concerned with alleviating the disease’s symptoms, not curing it.

For example:
The method we use nowadays for treating headaches is by prescribing pain-killers, not looking for the reason behind the headache. The reason may be due to dehydration, artery dilatation, or stomach disorders. All of them cause headaches and migraines. Therefore, we unfortunately notice that the pain comes back once the pain-killer wears off because we did not treat the cause of the pain.

Unfortunately, this is the provided method in treating different internal, external, and terminal diseases. Since chemical medications only alleviate the symptoms and sedate the pain but do not cure. With time the condition becomes chronic, and the patient becomes obligated to take medicines for life. There are many examples, such as blood pressure, heartburn, diabetes, cholesterol, and others.
If this is the case for simple diseases like finger fungus, wherein there is no chemical treatment for curing fungi, can chemotherapy cure cancer completely?

What are Cancer Cells?

In order to answer these questions, we must first explain what cancer cells are and how they develop.
Cancer cells are merely normal body cells, from the same affected organ that developed due to changes that occurred to the organ. These changes are toxins accumulation in the said organ. And because of a weakness in the immune system that is responsible for protecting and maintaining the integrity of the body, or because of the large amount of the accumulated toxins, the body becomes unable to eradicate them. Therefore, the body seeks help from cancer cells that develop. Which, in turn, feed on the harmful agents, including the toxins and the cells that died because of these toxins.

We conclude that cancer cells are only symptoms of a certain disease, which is toxins accumulation inside the body, especially inside the affected organ. The actual illness that must be cured is the toxins, not the cancer cells.

How Do Cancer Cells Develop?

The answer lies in the hands of the scientists and researchers. Getting clinic animals with the type of cancer they want to research, like mice with liver cancer or uterine cancer, confirms that they know best about cancer development.
In other words, what do these researchers do for an animal to get a specific type of cancer? The Solution lies within the answer.
If we found out the cause behind the growth of these cancer cells, then avoiding it would mean getting rid of cancer or evading it.

The Answer is As Follows:

In order to make an animal get cancer, it must be injected or supplied with specific chemicals that accumulate in the wanted organ. By by inserting these chemicals in the body through the mouth, inhalation, the skin, or intramuscular or intravenous injections. This, in turn, forms some type of accumulated toxins that the body tries to eliminate through the immune system. However, since the concentration and amount of these toxins are high, the immune system cannot eliminate them by itself. Therefore, the body develops cancer cells in order to eradicate the toxins.

However, the more the chemicals increase, the more the cancer cells divide and reproduce to eradicate these chemicals and toxins. In addition to eliminating the rotten cells that died due to these harmful agents. In short, one of the causes of cancer cells development is taking intensive cancerous chemicals that the body cannot eliminate.

How Do These Toxins Enter Our Bodies?

The food we consume is a threat to our lives, how not when it is saturated with chemicals!!
The processed large chickens we consume contain synthetic estrogen, which causes significant weight gain for the chicken in around 4 weeks only. That is why we see chicken weighing 2 kg in this short period. The same hormone is given to cows in order to increase milk production, without considering the transmitting of this female hormone from the cow to the milk and then to our bodies.
It is worth mentioning that this synthetic estrogen causes breast cancer and endometrial cancer in women, sterility in men, and other different diseases.
There are other ways that enable the toxins to enter our bodies other than processed food, such as using, touching, and inhaling chemical detergents, working in manufacturing chemical agents or detergents, and different countless ways.

The Disappearance of the Symptoms

We do not deny that trying to treat cancer with chemotherapy, meaning taking certain toxins, can sometimes kill some cancer cells, but it also harms the healthy cells. The healthy cells in the organ or the whole body would die with the cancer cells. We see the jubilation in the doctors’ and patients’ faces when they discover that a tumor shrank or disappeared as a result of chemotherapy or radiotherapy, not realizing that the disappearance of the cancer cells does not necessarily mean recovery, but the disappearance of the symptoms.

The actual disease is the accumulation of toxins, whether from healthy or cancer cells that had died, or from the chemicals that entered the body and could not get rid of.

Moreover, when attempting to treat cancer with chemotherapy, healthy cells die as well. Therefore, chemotherapy and radiotherapy weaken the body’s immunity instead of strengthening it. Causing the body to become weak and not able to eliminate the daily toxins, and not treat the damage caused by chemotherapy and radiotherapy. Therefore, shortly after undergoing chemotherapy, we realize that the disease grew back in the same organ if it was not surgically removed or in other organs, in which the chemical toxins used for the treatment accumulated in. And the reoccurrence of the disease is even stronger and more spread.

Then, How to Properly Eliminate Cancer Cells and Recover from Cancer?

Considering all the above, we at Hekma Center, developed a very efficient herbal supplement package for cancer patients. That does not only sedate, relieve the symptoms, and kill the cancer cells, but also:

  1. Boosts the immune system in order to help it eliminate the toxins without the need to develop cancer cells.
  2. Avoiding chemicals.
    Cancer cells grow with toxins and disappear with the disappearance of toxins. They are like a wildfire that spreads and grows as long as there is wood to devour. Therefore, it is unreasonable to eliminate cancer cells by feeding them new toxins. Exactly how you cannot put out a fire by increasing the wood.
  3. External help to eliminate the toxins that cause cancer by specific taking organic products and medicinal herbs, and consequently relieving cancer. These herbs detox the body’s organs, such as the liver, blood, lungs, kidneys, and the stomach. Each organ needs specific herbs in order to recover. Moreover, there are particular herbs to stop the spread of cancer cells, and medicinal herbs to boost the immunity. These herbs the body recognizes, and God created them to relieve it.
    All these herbs are scientifically proven effective medically, and are certified by the ministry of health, with GMP and ISO certificates, and are FDA-approved.
  4. Adhering to a diet specified for the patient helps strengthen the body, and eliminate the accumulated toxins, whether new or old.

Why Do Not Many People Know about these Herbs and the Cancer Herbal Supplements?

These herbs God created to relieve all diseases all over the world. And they have been used since old times until today. Numerous scientific research tackled their benefits and success in relieving diseases in the past 70 years or more. This is not a secret, and scientific publications are everywhere. However, pharmaceutical companies’ power prevents this information from spreading, especially to modern medicine doctors. And companies do not make them since they cannot apply for a patent because natural elements are not exclusive for any entity.

Therefore, companies manufactured chemical medications that are sedatives or only temporary, such as headaches, hypertension, diabetes, and cancer treatments.
These chemical medications are sedatives that the patient has to take for good without completely recovering. Only to sedate and prolong these simple and terminal diseases. Doing so increases the enormous profit of these commercial companies, regardless of patients’ recovery. This is a fact that every person, healthy or ill, can know by observing the treatment of any disease.

Follow-up with the Wellness Program at Hekma Center

Each patient has a particular wellness program suitable for their condition and disease, and each patient has a personal file that consists of:

  1. The medical reports.
  2. A suitable diet.
  3. An organic herbal supplement package according to their condition.

The patient stays in constant contact with our team by phone or e-mail. And during the wellness program, we guide the patient to do the required medical tests, such as a C.T scan, MRI scan, and blood tests.
The wellness program period for cancer patients ranges between 4-7 months or more. Depending on the patient’s condition and the affected organ. Therefore, each patient has a different wellness program.

We wish recovery for all patients, and well-being for the healthy.

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