Manage Hypothyroidism with Green Juice

What is Green Juice?

Green juice contains minerals, vitamins, and fibers, which provide the body with energy. This juice is rich in chlorophyll, which gives plants their green color. It also contains fresh green leaves, other vegetables, and fruits.

Remember to use vegetables in green juice much more than fruits, as one fruit is enough to give a sweet taste. The less sweet the juice is, the better and more beneficial it will be.

Green Juice Benefits for Hypothyroidism

Green juice can raise blood alkalinity and cleanse the body of toxins because it contains many antioxidants. These compounds also boost the immune system, enhance thyroid function and reduce immune thyroid diseases.

In addition, this juice helps manage hypothyroidism symptoms, such as indigestion and fluid retention, which are among the most common symptoms in patients with hypothyroidism. It also reduces appetite, gives a feeling of satiety, and helps reduce weight.

Furthermore, this juice contains apples that can detoxify the body and support the thyroid gland’s functions. The presence of minerals like mercury in the body can prevent the thyroid gland from using the iodine it needs. Therefore, consuming enough fresh fruits, such as apples, helps remove these toxins.

Manage Hypothyroidism with Green Juice

Meal type: beverages\ juices.

Servings: 1 person.

Preparation time: 5 minutes.

You Need

  • 2 fresh cucumbers.
  • ½ fresh parsley bundle.
  • 1 large handful of lettuce.
  • 1 fresh apple.


  1. Wash the leaves, cucumbers, and apples, then cut the apples into 4 pieces and remove the seeds.
  2. Put the ingredients in a blender on slow speed until you have a fresh green juice.

Do Patients with Hypothyroidism Benefit from Green Juice with No Fiber?

Why not! Green juice does not contain fiber; however, it provides minerals and vitamins ready to transfer in the blood quickly. It is also mild on the stomach and intestines and quickly absorbed. This juice can cleanse the body of toxins.

Green Juice is a Healthy Habit, Here Are Some Tips

Fresh green juice contributes to managing hypothyroidism symptoms. To get the most benefits, you should consume this juice right after juicing because it is oxidized and loses its benefits the longer it stays after juicing. You should also pick fresh, organic vegetables and leafy greens.

Moreover, it is best to eat green juice on a semi-empty stomach in the morning. You can also drink it more than once, for example, at least half an hour before lunch, and it is an excellent alternative to salads.

Additionally, it is good to have more vegetables in your meals. You can consume green juice before lunch and eat a salad with your main meal.

Tip: In addition to the healthy ingredients of green juice, you can add other beneficial ingredients as desired, such as a teaspoon of Moringa, chia seeds, and others.

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