Iced Herbal Latte for Endometriosis

Barley Coffee

Barley coffee is a famous drink in many Asian countries, such as China and Japan. This drink has many medicinal benefits. Barley coffee is made from roasted barley seeds, which are high in fiber and other healthy nutrients. It has a mild taste; therefore, you can add other flavors. In this article, we will learn how to prepare iced herbal latte for endometriosis.

Iced Herbal Latte for Endometriosis

Meal type: cold drinks\ coffee.

Servings: 1 person.

Preparation time: 3 minutes.


  • ⅓ cup almond milk.
  • 2 tablespoons barley coffee powder.
  • ½ cup of ice cubes.
  • ⅔ cup water.

Optional Additions

  • Natural sweetener as desired, stevia sweetener, or maple syrup.
  • ½ teaspoon liquid vanilla.


  1. Firstly, in an airtight glass container, add coffee, hot water, and other additives if desired.
  2. Shake the container well after it is closed.
  3. Finally, add ice cubes and coffee to a suitable large cup, then add milk. Serve it cold.

Tips for Making an Iced Cup of Latte in Seconds

You can put 6 tablespoons of barley coffee with two cups of hot water and vanilla if desired. After that, you may store it in a closed glass container in the refrigerator to facilitate making coffee at any time. You can also make ice cubes with water and barley coffee to add more flavor.

Barley Coffee Benefits for Endometriosis

Barley coffee is made from roasted barley, which is beneficial to women with endometriosis. In this article, we will address the importance of barley.

First of all, barley helps reduce the level of high blood pressure and the level of harmful cholesterol, which protects women with endometriosis from heart disease risks. It also helps remove pollutants and toxins from the body.

Moreover, barley coffee helps reduce developing diabetes type 2 because it is rich in magnesium, which lowers blood sugar levels and improves insulin production. This is beneficial for diabetic women with endometriosis.

Furthermore, compounds in barley, along with fiber, help reduce many chronic disease risks, such as cancer, specifically colon cancer. Drinking barley coffee also helps fight depression and frustration, which benefits every woman with endometriosis who suffers from a bad mood and contributes to improving her psychological state.

Fiber Importance in Barley Coffee

Drinking barley coffee helps reduce hunger and gives you a feeling of satiety, which contributes to weight loss because it contains beta-glucan. This is beneficial for overweight women with endometriosis.

Furthermore, barley coffee helps improve the digestion process because it contains insoluble fibers that increase the bowel movement and the volume of stools. This helps reduce constipation experienced by women with endometriosis. Moreover, the fiber helps the balance of gut bacteria, which helps reduce inflammation.

  • Do not consume foods that weaken the immune system, such as caffeinated beverages, alcohol, and sugar.
  • Avoid eating fast food and processed foods that contain preservatives and artificial dyes because they weaken the immune system and affect hormone balance.
  • Avoid milk, dairy products, and eggs because they lead to hormonal imbalance.

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