It’s Easy To Eliminate HSV! This is as Shown in Mr. DE Story With Hekma Center!

Mr. DE didn’t know that getting rid of the herpes virus would be so easy!

Mr. DE, 35 years old, contacted our staff on September 23, 2021, to inquire about the herpes virus package.

After the patient was satisfied with the staff’s explanation about the package, he ordered it. He did not start taking it until after a while.

It's Easy To Get Rid Of HSV! This is as Shown in Mr. DE Story!

Our staff stressed the importance of the diet while talking to the patient.

It's Easy To Get Rid Of HSV! This is as Shown in Mr. DE Story!

On March 4, 2022, the patient sent the staff a message saying he had started taking the package 11 days ago. He also asked about some important dietary instructions.

It's Easy To Get Rid Of HSV

The Blood Test

We advised the patient to do a blood test in the last week of the treatment, that is, if he was free of outbreaks in the last 3 weeks.

It's Easy To Get Rid Of HSV

Mr. DE did a PCR blood test and sent the result to our staff, which showed that he is cured of the herpes virus.

Our staff congratulated him on his result and asked him to send his old test to write the testimony.

This is as Shown in Mr. DE Story!

The results of the test that was done after Hekma Center HSV Package, show that Mr. DE has overcome HSV:

This is as Shown in Mr. DE Story!

IgG Blood Test

The patient also did the IgG blood test, which showed that it has a high value, which made him puzzled, so we replied as follows:

“After curing the virus, it takes time for the immune system to destroy all the antibodies produced against the virus, as they are no longer needed in the body after curing the virus, it may take up to 6 months to destroy all the antibodies and get negative IgG results.”

“The treatment may cause an initial rise in the IgG level. IgG is the antibody that the body produces against herpes virus. The virus can’t be killed by the WBC’s unless it is linked to or bound by an antibody, and at least two antibodies should be attached to the virus in order to be killed. WBC’s recognize the virus as an invader that should be destroyed only when it is attached to IgG, and the higher the number of IgG attached to the virus, the higher the chance it will be recognized by the WBC’s and destroyed. When the IgG level is higher, this means the patient is now in the initial rise phase, but if the IgG is lower than before, this means that the patient has finished and passed the initial rise phase to the next phase which is killing the virus by the WBC’s. (WBC: White blood cells).”

We congratulate Mr. DE on his results and wish him good health.

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