Celery Juice and Depression

If you have suffered from depression before, you know how difficult it is to perform simple daily tasks. Getting out of bed in the morning feels impossible, and going to your work and school is extremely tough. For you have lost interest in the things you used to love, and overcoming the sadness that swallows you whole seems far-fetched. However, when you feel depressed, there are little things you can do and might help you. These things may be in your refrigerator.

Healthy food can play a role in protecting against different mental disorders, including anxiety and depression. One of these foods is celery, if you are a celery fan, make sure to include it in your snacks, salads, and other beverages. Hereunder is the recipe for the happiness-inducing fresh celery juice that can help improve your mood.

Note: Fresh celery juice can be a healthy supplement for your nutrient-rich diet.

Nutrients in Celery

Celery juice provides essential mineral salts for the central nervous system. Therefore, celery juice is significant for people suffering from depression, anxiety, stress, confusion, bipolar disorder, memory loss, and other diseases.
Celery is extremely rich in nutrients. It is low in calories and rich in fibers, water, vitamins like vitamin K and vitamin C, minerals, folic acid, calcium, magnesium, sodium, and potassium. Moreover, it contains different chemical compounds, especially various antioxidant polyphenols that protect against cells’ damage and boost the immune system.

What Makes Celery Significant for Depression Patients?

Celery has anti-inflammatory properties, which can be effective in relieving depression and alleviating its symptoms. Furthermore, it contains vitamins and antioxidants that calm the nerves. Moreover, the minerals in celery, especially magnesium, calm the nervous system.

Note: Celery is nutritious and beneficial for your health, and it is one of many other vegetables that are rich in nutrients.

Fresh Celery Juice Recipe

Type of Meal: Beverages/ Green Juice.

Servings: 1 Person.

Total Preparation Time: 10 Minutes.


  • 2 medium fresh celery ribs.
  • 1 medium cucumber.
  • 1 apple.


  1. Thoroughly wash the celery, cucumber, and apple. And make sure to clean the celery leaves.
  2. Cut the apple into 4 large pieces and remove the seeds.
  3. Place all ingredients in a blender.
  1. Make sure to purchase organic celery free of insecticides.
  2. Prefer to drink the juice immediately after making it in order to acquire all its benefits. It can be preserved in the refrigerator up to 24 hours. However, it would lose some of its benefits with time.
  3. Prefer to drink homemade juice and avoid bottled celery juice. Some brands add sugar or sweeteners to make it more appealing, which might impact your mental health.
  4. It is recommended to drink celery juice on an empty stomach in the morning to gain more benefits, at least 30 minutes before breakfast.
  5. Keep in mind that one type of food cannot provide everything we need to improve our mental health. We must consume various types of foods from all dietary groups.

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