Ms. Fatima Fights and Overcomes Stage IV Breast Cancer!

The Story of Ms. Fatima from Saudi Arabia with Breast Cancer

The struggle cannot be imagined, it is known that it is treated in modern medicine by undergoing surgeries to remove tumors. Along with chemotherapy that causes severe pains and many intolerable adverse effects, such as hair loss, diarrhea, and vomiting. Moreover, it harms the healthy cells in the body, thus, does not actually relieve the disease.

At Hekma Center, we provide a wellness supplement package, and a suitable wellness program depending on the patient’s condition and medical reports and tests.

 The Beginning of Communication

Ms. Fatima’s daughter sought out Hekma Center staff, seeking a relief method for her mother, who has metastatic breast cancer stage IV. It is worth mentioning that Ms. Fatima suffered from diabetes, blood pressure, and the colon as well, and she underwent cardiac catheterization. After showing the team her medical report, we made her a suitable wellness program. Whereby she ordered and commenced the supplements as soon as she received them.

fatima Overcomes Breast Cancer

fatima Overcomes Breast Cancer

Improvement in Ms. Fatima’s Condition After Taking the Supplements from Hekma Center

It is important to mention that the patient did not take any chemical treatments. She preferred to take the natural supplements from Hekma Center, and was not disappointed; ever since taking the supplements, her condition kept improving. Every time Ms. Fatima did tests, she sent us the reports, and we would make a suitable wellness program for her and add the products that would help her and remove the ones she did not need. This depends on her condition and the symptoms she has. And the patient’s commitment and never stopping taking the supplements was crucial for overcoming the disease, which doctors then said was impossible!

fatima Overcomes Breast Cancer

fatima Overcomes Breast Cancer


 Promising Results and Ms. Fatima Overcomes Stage IV Breast Cancer

Ms. Fatima’s condition kept improving until all tumors disappeared and cancer stopped metastasizing. The last test result revealed that the tumor in the breast shrank from 2.5 to 0.4, which is considered an incredible result. Moreover, all the tumors in the lymph nodes, liver, and bones disappeared.

We congratulate Ms. Fatima on overcoming breast cancer, and urge her to continue with the supplements until she entirely overcomes the disease. We advise her to take three preventive packages in order to ensure no new tumors form and that the body is free of toxins.

We wish her continuous well-being and commend her for her will and strength in fighting this disease after doctors discouraged her, saying that she cannot overcome the disease at this stage. However, she was stronger than their words.
Life and Death are in the hand of God, and He creates will and strength within us to face hardships and turmoil.

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Note: The results might vary from one person to another.

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