Overcoming Anxiety and Panic Attacks After 14 Years of Struggle!

We do not dream of anything more than a normal, stable, and peaceful life free of all mental and physical disorders.

Dr. Eman’s Struggle with This Disease

Dr. Eman from Saudi Arabia has struggled with O.C.D and depression for almost 14 years. She was treated for these disorders, but relapsed and went through a depressive episode. She sought us, describing her severe suffering from stress, constant anxiety, and many negative symptoms, such as grinding her teeth, which lead to muscle spasms and severe, intolerable pain. As well as involuntary leg movement that lead to constant stress. She tried many treatments and medications but to no avail. On the contrary, her condition deteriorated.

In the end, Dr. Eman decided to seek out Hekma Center for natural supplements for anxiety attacks.

Dr Eman anxiety

Dr Eman anxiety

Dr Eman anxiety

Dr Eman anxiety

The Wellness Supplement Package from Hekma Center

The wellness supplements consist of organic, medicinal herbs that were proven effective in relieving anxiety. Most prominently of which are: Ashwagandha and Verbena Officinalis, which both are famous for increasing serotonin (happy hormone) levels in the body, and significantly contribute to relieving depression, stress, and anxiety, wherein they provide mental stability and comfort. Furthermore, the supplements consist of other medicinal herbs and natural products, like Zinc.

Signs of Improvement on Dr. Eman’s Condition after Taking the Supplements

After two weeks of taking the wellness supplements, the patient informed us of the delightful results, for she feels tranquil, serene, and calm. And according to her description, her body seems to respond to the supplements.

Dr. Eman continued taking the supplements non-stop, and her condition never ceased to improve. And even before finishing one month, she felt optimistic and started to gradually forgo medications, which indicated the supplements’ success and the patient’s commitment.

Continuous Improvements and a Few Steps Towards Panic and Anxiety Attacks Relief

Dr. Eman did not stop taking the organic supplements. She ordered a second package, and the improvement continued until she entirely stopped taking medications.

Ms. Eman expressed her gratefulness, and she is ecstatic for taking the supplements from Hekma Center that relieved the anxiety attacks, stress, and all the symptoms she suffered from, and she is no longer anxious and thinks negatively, unlike before.

We congratulate her on these incredible results. And wish her ongoing health, and a stable, tranquil life free of turmoil.

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Note: The results might vary from one person to another.

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