What was Tharaa’s Illness? Below is the Full Story.

Tharaa is a healthy and vibrant young girl. Suddenly, after she turned 19, she had an illness that restricted her movement. Her illness caused her clumsiness, tremors, difficulty walking, speech problems, depression and social phobia. The doctors were confused therefore decided to perform multiple tests in addition to MRI scan to the brain.f

Her MRI scan showed white spots on the brain. The doctors assumed that Tharaa might have multiple sclerosis (MS), a demyelinating disease. Soon other symptoms started showing up which disproved the former diagnosis.

The new symptoms were tremor in her hands, limbs and in her lips, which made speaking relatively hard. She also could not control her neck and leg movement.

The doctors got even more confused as to what kind of disease would it be. They speculated that Tharaa might have Parkinson’s disease, Wilson disease, lack of oxygen to the brain membranes, or dystonia, a rare neurological disorder.

With every new diagnosis, doctors used to prescribe new medications for Tharaa. None of the treatments they suggested could eventually help her. They even worsened her condition.

With time, the illness affected her thinking and learning ability and caused hormonal disorder as well as hypothyroidism.





Hekma Center Supplements

Tharaa started her wellness program with us in July 2019. Before we decided upon the right and effective program for her, we took into consideration that she takes Dopicar, a processed dopamine given to Parkinson’s patients. We also took into consideration her involuntary movements, speech difficulties, tremors, memory impairment, convulsions, and hypothyroidism.

Along with the suggested program, we gave Tharaa a list of the daily instructions and recommended doses. The list also included the type of foods that she should consume during her wellness process and the ones that she should avoid.

Our program included a combination of medicinal herbs that should work on all speculated diseases: Parkinson’s MS, lack of oxygen supply, memory impairment, and hypoactive thyroid.

Amazingly, Tharaa started feeling better right away. The involuntary movement disappeared. She could walk on her own without assistance and still maintain her balance. She was able to write again using the pen. Her pronunciation and verbalizing became clear. Lastly, the shivering of her hands decreased in an obvious way.

Tharaa also did a blood test for thyroid hormones, which showed normal index. This means that she no longer has hypothyroidism.

Below, is a copy of her medical documents before and after our wellness program.

A Sparkle of Hope Shines as the Sun

Today, many months later, Tharaa’s life has completely got back to normal. She started collage and she goes swimming. She also is about to get married soon.

Below, is a screenshot of the messages we received from Tharaa’s mother during her wellness program.

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