Ms. X Journey with curing Herpes Virus (HSV) with Hekma Center

Ms. X contacted us on August 4, 2022, to inquire about some details of the herpes virus package.

Ms. X Journey with Hekma Center and Her Story with Overcoming HSV

HSV Package

We answered her questions and told her that the herpes virus package would also help overcome mononucleosis.

On September 19, 2022, Ms. X ordered the HSV package and the Healthy Recipe Book for Herpes Patients.

HSV Package

She was also wondering whether intermittent fasting would affect the process of curing herpes virus or not, so we told her that there is no harm in intermittent fasting.

HSV Package

Ms. X started her journey on the 20th of September and had many questions regarding the diet and other instructions, and our staff responded to them in every detail.

HSV Package

Getting the result, is it really true?

On 7th November, the patient sent us a message saying that she got the result back; therefore, we asked her to send us her blood test to check with our specialized staff.

She sent us the result, as well as the results of the test before taking the package, which showed positive results for both HSV1 and HSV2.

She also sent the test, which she did on November 1 :

The results showed that she is cured of both types of herpes virus !

Although Ms. X was worried, in the end, she achieved her goal and the result she hoped for, so congratulations on these results.

The results of the blood test that was taken before starting the Hekma Center package for HSV :

herpes package

herpes package

The results of the IgG blood test that was taken after completing Hekma protocol for Herpes virus, which confirms that Ms. X is completely cured of Herpes Virus :

The IgG test was negative, and it is confirmed that Ms. X has got rid of the herpes virus :


The Mechanism of the Herpes Package

Mainly, mechanism of action is by getting the virus out from nerve cells and blocking “LAT” protein, which is the protein that allows the virus to hide inside the nerves (Because herpes virus hides inside nerve cells) into the blood stream, then boosting immunity and increasing production of antibodies against herpes virus, this is because in order for white blood cells to recognize that this virus is an invader and it should be destroyed, more antibodies should be produced and attached to the virus.

Finally, immune system will gradually start destroying herpes virus, until completely eliminating it from the body.

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