The Miracle – A Palestinian Child Cured of Paralysis

Youssef had no hope of recovery after he became paralyzed for 2.5 years due to Familial Mediterranean fever, yet after using our organic supplements, he was able to stand on his feet again.

What Should a Patient Do When He Loses Hope of Recovery?

It is a true story of a child named Youssef Mohammad Massadi, a 13 years old child from Kafr Misr village. We met with Youssef at Hekma Center in A’ra Village and he seemed a healthy and happy child.

Youssef recited his story in details and the things he had experienced that past two years. He spoke about his hospitalization and doctor visits, as well as his struggle with paralysis.

It Started with a Throat Pain

Mohammad Massadi, the father, said that, “it all began in June 2006 when Youssef had throat pain. We took him to Haemek hospital in Afula where he was hospitalized for 13 days. His condition worsened to the point where he could not stand on his feet.”

Youssef interrupted saying, “when the doctors could not find a cause to my condition they accused me of pretending to be sick, they said that they did all possible tests and found nothing”

His father continues, “The doctors got confused and decided to send him to ultrasound. The ultrasound showed accumulation of fluids in Youssef’s pelvis. The doctors gave him treatment and after a couple of days he got better and was sent home.”

His Condition Worsened and He Left the Hospital on a Wheelchair

5 months later, Youssef’s condition aggravated and he could not stand on his feet. He felt pain in his joints. His parents took him to the hospital on November 2007 and he was hospitalized for 15 days.

The father continued, “At the hospital, they gave him medication for his throat and for pain. The medications caused him side effects that left him wheelchair-bound.”

Physically or Mentally Ill?!

Youssef interrupted again, “One of the doctors told us that my problem is mental and referred me to a social worker at first and then to a psychologist. I kept seeing a psychologist until February 2008. During that period, I went to the hospital 5 times and I missed school for almost 40 continuous days from January 26, 2008 until March 3, 2008. Until my school principal in collaboration with the Ministry of Education hired a personal teacher to teach me at home.”

Youssef despite his young age was aware of the smallest details. He knew the names of his medications, and of his doctors and all information regarding his health condition. He even said, “I wonder how could the doctors say it is mental when my legs felt like heavy concrete.”

A Drowning Man Will Catch at a Straw

Youssef’s Father Said, “our life at home changed completely with my child being paralyzed. Until one day when I was talking to his teacher, she told me that she knew a similar case that was cured of paralysis after treating with natural remedy. I immediately took the man’s phone number and called him and he in return led us to Pro. Younis at Hekma Center. So I called them and made an appointment”

In Hekma Center

“Prof. Younis is a humble human being. He greeted us at the entrance, and helped me get Youssef inside because Youssef was on a wheelchair and could not walk. And after he reviewed the medical reports, he told us that my son will be able to walk again within 2-3 months. He even promised Youssef that he would go back to school and play with his friends like he used to do before. There are no words to describe my feeling at that moment.”

He continued, “Prof. Younis gave us different medicinal herbs and a list of daily instructions. Only five days passed by and Youssef was already getting better. When I came to pick him up, I felt like he was helping me with his body, and when I came home from work later that same day, he was already walking by himself.

I immediately called Prof. Younis to tell him the news. He was thrilled for the fast results and asked to see him and give him the second course of supplements”

The father adds, “After my son was able to walk again, I took him to the hospital to meet with his doctors. When the doctors saw Youssef on his feet they were shocked and wanted to know how this happened. I told them if they want to know how, they should call this number and gave them Prof. Younis’s number.”

Prof. Younis Said…

“I would not call it a miracle even though the results came faster than I thought. When I talked to Youssef, it was obvious that it is not mental; on the contrary, he seemed very smart kid. Moreover, when I saw his medical reports I turned to Youssef and told him that I will play soccer with him in 3 months. Then I gave him a package that consisted of medicinal herbs and the results were as you already see.”

What Kind of Supplements Do You Give at Hekma Center?

In regards to our question about his supplements Prof.Younis said, “At Hekma Center we mainly give medicinal herbs. Through my experience and field of expertise, I can compose a package that consists of various herbs to suit each health condition. Alternative medicine as well as, the Qur’an and Sunnah depends mainly on natural herbs and ingredients. As the Hadith of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) says: Make use of natural remedies, for Allah has not made a disease without appointing a remedy for it, with the exception of one disease, namely old age.”

Was it a Miracle?

Prof. Younis replied, “I do not considered it a miracle but rather a strong belief that Allah all mighty created a cure for each disease. We have evidence of many other cases that were shocking like Youssef’s case. For example, we managed to help people with psoriasis. We are on the track to register international patents for our method.”

The Response of Afula Hospital to Youssef Being Cured of Paralysis

“The Hospital spokesperson promised to respond to this case but did not. We did not give up and tried every possible way to contact them, until we finally got the following response” this boy was hospitalized for his difficulty walking, and during his stay at the hospital, he underwent comprehensive tests that did not show any medical result of a disease.

Cured of Paralysis
Youssef Massadi has cured of paralysis

Info: Reporter: Samir Abu Al-Higa ‎

Publish Date: June 26, 2009

Note: Results may vary from person to person.

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