Curcuma Longa Root Impact and Efficiency

Curcuma Longa (Turmeric) root and Curcuma longa extract (Curcumin) are the two “luckiest” natural agents in the world (especially curcumin). Wherein there are many scientific research that show many of their properties and benefits. Including the efficiency of Curcuma longa roots and curcumin in various diseases. Hereunder are some of these benefits.

Anti-inflammatory and Antioxidant Properties:

Hundreds of research and many scientific articles tackled the cleansing property and curcumin and Curcuma longa root impact on different fungi, bacteria, and viruses. They moreover commended their antioxidant and preventative efficiency on cell membranes.

Some of these research reveal that turmeric has a direct impact on stopping inflammations by directly inhibiting COX2 enzymes that are responsible for inflammations. Furthermore, curcumin raises the antioxidant enzyme levels in the liver, kidneys, and blood.


Curcuma longa roots

Supporting the Liver Functions in Cleansing the Toxins

Curcuma longa maintains the integrity of liver cells, and reforms the damaged cells. And it binds certain enzymes and stimulates others in order to prevent having toxins that harm the liver and intestines.

Anti-fungal Properties

Curcumin, along with other compounds in Curcuma longa are efficient in combatting 29 types of fungi that attack the human body. Such as Candida fungi, including candida albicans.

Antiparasitic and Anthelmintic Properties

Curcumin and other compounds in Curcuma longa roots efficiently combat many parasites and worms, especially Schistosoma, which is a parasitic flatworm that infects the internal organs until it reaches the liver and impairs many of its properties.

In 1999, this parasitic worm infected around 74 countries around the world, mostly third world countries, and over 200 million people. This infection is called schistosomiasis. Children more susceptible to schistosomiasis than others. Animals can get infected as well.

Antibacterial Properties

People in Southeast Asia use turmeric to preserve food, since it has a food sterilization property. They also use it for diarrhea caused by food poisoning or digestive system disorders.

Scientific research indicate that Curcuma longa root extract is efficient in fighting the bacteria and germs that spoil food and cause food poisoning and digestive disorders. It is also noticeably efficient in fighting the helicobacter pylori infection (H.pylori). As well as the germ that causes mycobacterium tuberculosis.

Antiviral Properties

Turmeric is efficient in stopping the escalation of viral hepatitis C and B, by directly affecting the DNA of these viruses. Wherein lab research show that curcumin extract stops their development but does not completely kill them. As it does with other viruses, such as Herpes simplex virus and AIDS (HIV).

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