Chemotherapy – Harms and Negative Effects on Cancer Patients – Shocking Facts

In the name of Allah, most gracious and most merciful

Chemotherapy – Harms and Negative Effects, is an article that complements the series of articles regarding cancer and its relief (read on our website, articles about cancer and cancer relief).
The title of one of these articles, published on 14/12/2014 is:
“Is Chemotherapy the Cure for Cancer?
In that article, I mentioned that chemicals could not cure diseases, they merely alleviate the symptoms and sedate. This applies to all diseases, starting from headaches, joint diseases, blood pressure, diabetes, and other diseases, even cancer.

This article will set forth some research and scientific articles that reveal the harms of chemotherapy. As well as the opinions of many doctors around the world regarding chemotherapy harms.

As we previously mentioned, the one and only goal of pharmaceutical companies is to earn enormous profits. They do not bother with curing patients. On the contrary, the purpose of these companies is to make the diseases chronic. So the patients would live on medications for good. And to be satisfied with only alleviating the symptoms despite the fact that the disease will accompany them their whole lives. Also forgetting that these chemical medications caused other diseases, therefore, they had to take additional medications to alleviate the symptoms of the new diseases. And that they started with one medication, and after a while had to take several other medications. This means that the disease escalated due to the damages and adverse effects of these different medications.

The question is, if chemical medications do not cure simple conditions like headaches, heartburn, or others, would there be a chemical medication that can cure cancer?


Considering cancer, the chemical treatment specified for curing it does not differ from any other chemical treatment for other different diseases: Patients take chemical medications merely to eliminate the symptoms, not to overcome cancer entirely (by chemical medications we mean everything made by humans and has chemicals).
Chemical treatments are considered successful only if the patient lived 5 years after discovering the diseases and taking chemical treatments. And the success rate according to statistics does not exceed 3%.

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The bottom line is, the world today revolts against the chemotherapy policy for cancer patients in hospitals. And I am not the only one who treats, reads, searches, and monitors cancer patients, their survival rates, and fate when they get exposed to chemotherapy or radiotherapy. Many scientists around the world are interested in this matter, and here are some of them:

  • Professor Hardin B. Jones wrote an article, with the title:
    “Shocking: people do not die of cancer! People die of chemotherapy and in terrible pain”, this article was published in the reputable scientific journal New York Academy of Science Journal. Professor John, a world-famous scientist, and spent over 20 years studying chemotherapy effects on cancer patients and their life expectancy.

Here is the Summary of the Article, and the Horrific Conclusions Regarding Chemotherapy:

  • “It seems that the cancer industry has only one objective – more profit.”
  • “Big Pharma, doctors, healthcare facilities and other participants in this industry share the profit whenever some patient accepts to practice regular cancer treatment.”
  • “If we take a close look at the statistics, we will see that chemotherapy is ineffective when it comes to curing cancer and for some reason scientists are ignoring or hiding this fact.”
  • The majority of people suffering from cancer exposed to chemotherapy end their lives in great pain. And will most likely die faster and in greater pain compared to patients who have chosen any other treatment or no treatment at all.

The Long-Running Research helped Dr. Jones Conclude the Following:

  1. Chemotherapy reduced the average lifetime of patients and deteriorated their conditions. This is obvious for pharmaceutical companies but ignored because of the multi-billion-dollar profit.
    Imagine if the chemical medications today can cure all diseases and symptoms, the companies would close their doors or close most of their factories within one year, and that of course is off the table.
  2. Cancer patients who did not undergo chemotherapy lived an average of 12 years more than patients who underwent chemotherapy and radiotherapy. And the patients who believed that chemotherapy is the best option passed away 3 years after discovering the disease. And many patients passed away after one or two months.
  3. Breast cancer patients who reject conventional therapy live four times longer than those who follow the system.”. “That’s something you will not hear inside the mass media that will continue to convey myth that chemotherapy is the best medicine to fight cancer!”.
  4. Professor Jones carried on about another research that was published long ago in 1979 in the American medical journal, American Medical Association, which mentioned that many of the most common procedures for diagnosing and treating breast cancer, nearly all of which are still used today, have done nothing to lower breast cancer rates or increase survival for breast cancer patients. And there are two major studies that support this, one of them in Britain. (Back when pharmaceutical companies did not have the impact and power like today)
  5. Pharmaceutical companies do not want us to know that cancer patients die from chemo, not cancer. Chemotherapy kills cancer cells, but also kills normal cells, weakens the immune system, and causes loss of appetite. Moreover, many patients pass away due to malnutrition, and the body’s and immune system’s inability to defend themselves.


Note: I consider It my duty, and in order to ensure the patient’s health, I request all the doctors that supervise and relieve cancer patients, or people who suffer from other debilitating diseases to explain to the patients or their parents the efficiency of chemotherapy. As well as its pros and cons and expected success rate. I do not ask them to recommend the patients herbal, organic supplements. However, I ask them not to refuse and prevent the use of organic supplements, or any other non-chemical treatment. Herbal, organic supplements are efficient and successful, God willing.

Observe the patients that take herbal supplements with or without chemotherapy. And follow up their condition, health, and improvement, and compare them to the other patients you have. This serves the interest of the community in general, and the patients in particular. And we remind you that you took an oath to do your best in treating patients and for their best interest. Therefore, please do not deny them recovery without knowing of other effective approaches.”

A Final Work to Conclude

Thank God for His blessings and guidance. And we absolutely believe that our beloved prophet did not speak out of desire when he said: “Allah (God) did not send down a disease without having sent down its cure”. Meaning that every illness has a medication, and cancer has existed since very old times. As well as its cure, and that God sent its cure at the same time.

Our prophet PBUH did not say that Allah did not sent down a disease without making its cure, but said “…without having sent down its cure”. Which means that its cure is not human-made, but has been sent down from God as a creation (like plants, herbs, and others). In conclusion Allah the Exalted says: {He granteth wisdom to whom He pleaseth; and he to whom wisdom is granted receiveth indeed a benefit overflowing; but none will grasp the Message but men of understanding.} Al-Baqarah 269

The Natural Wellness Supplements for Cancer from Hekma Center

First of all, eliminating the source of toxins, cleansing the body from toxins, strengthening the immune system, overcoming the damage that might occur due to using chemotherapy and radiotherapy, providing the body self-healing along with helping it eliminate cancer cells by trapping and killing them after removing the toxins.

All this by using Sidr Honey with Royal Jelly, and many other medicinal herbs (17 types or more) in order to overcome cancer.

One or two herbs are not sufficient to overcome cancer. The wellness package must be comprehensive and intensive. In addition to the supplements, we provide the patient with a personal wellness program with daily instructions that the patient has to adhere to. As well as a suitable diet that includes what they must and must not consume.
The wellness supplement package from Hekma Center includes increasing the body’s immunity, cleaning the body from toxins, natural anti-biotics, natural antioxidants, not allowing cancer cells to grow and spread, turning cancer cells into normal cells, strengthening the body and organs in all aspects, and supplying the body with the necessary vitamins and minerals in order to stay healthy and well without getting affecting by the disease. Moreover, we definitely include the mental and spiritual aspects, and do not neglect them.

At Hekma Center, we use herbs from all over the world, which have been studied scientifically and proven effective in relieving cancer. All of our products are approved by the national, American, and Universal ministry of health (GMP, ISO 9001, ISO 22000, FDA registration). And they are all safe for use, and you can find many articles and information on our website:

Furthermore, you can find = the scientific names of the herbs on each bottle. And you can look them up in hundreds of scientific websites online.
Knowledge belongs to everyone, and we do not have secrets or secret mixtures. We believe that every patient has the right to know what their treatment consists of in detail, and how to use it. Moreover, everyone is free to read about the herbs and their medicinal benefits on our website or any other scientific website. The patient also has to believe in the natural supplements and help themselves overcome the disease.

Why are there Many People Who Do Not Know About these Herbs and Their Effect on Cancer?

God provided these herbs in order to relieve the disease in our countries and all over the world. And people still use them since ancient times. Of late, for 70 years or more, extended scientific research revealed herbs’ success and benefits in relieving diseases. This is no secret, and scientific articles are available everywhere.

However, pharmaceutical companies’ power prevents the spread of this information, especially for doctors in modern medicine. And they do not make them because they cannot be patented since natural products cannot be monopolized. Therefore, they made chemical medications -chemotherapy- for it is a temporary relief, or a sedative, starting with headaches, blood pressure, diabetes, cancer, and all diseases. Chemical medications are merely sedatives that patients have to take their entire lives without overcoming the disease. But only to sedate and tolerate simple and debilitating diseases. By doing this, these commercial companies will keep getting massive profits, not caring about treating patients. Any ill or healthy person can realize this by observing the treatment of any disease.

We Constantly Follow Up with the Patient

Each patient has a suitable wellness program for their condition, and every patient has their own file that consists of: Their medical reports, suitable diet, and natural herbal supplements according to their condition.

The patient stays in constant contact with our team through the phone or email. And during the wellness program, we would guide them to do the required tests, such as C.T scan, MRI scan, blood tests, and others. The wellness program takes from 4 months to 7 months or more, depending on the patient’s condition and disease. Therefore, each patient has a different wellness program.
We wish good health for all patients and healthy people.

By: Professor Hani Younis


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