Celery Juice for Cancer Patients

You can name celery juice the elixir juice of life for cancer patients due to the health properties it has. Thus, it is great to start your day with a glass of celery juice because it will provide your body with the essential nutrients it needs to fight various diseases including cancer.

In order to get the maximum benefits out of the celery juice, here are some tips:

  • Always pick up fresh celery. This tip applies to all vegetables, leafy greens and fruits.
    The fresher the vegetables are the better. Fresh means they were recently harvested thus, they did not lose their healthy components. Prefer to buy also organic fruits and vegetables.
  • Cancer patients must drink celery juice immediately after they make it in order to get the maximum benefit of its healthy components (enzymes, vitamins and minerals) before they dissipate.
  • Cancer patients should drink celery juice once a day. Maximum three times a week.
  • Prefer to drink celery juice in the morning in order to cleanse the digestive system and help kill cancer cells because it works better after fast.

Celery Juice with Apples for Cancer Patients

Category of Food: Beverages – Green Juice

Servings: One Person

Preparation Time: 10 Minutes


  • Two fresh celery ribs
  • One apple (red/yellow/green)
  • One cucumber

Preparation Method

  1. Wash celery ribs with water to remove all dirt and then chop them.
  2. Wash the apple and cucumber and cut them into four big pieces. Make sure to remove the seeds.
  3. Add all ingredients together in a food processor and blend until you get a juice.

Some Info about Celery

Celery belongs to the Apiaceae family. It is similar to parsley therefore, it can replace it in most dishes; Celery however, has a stronger taste and smell.
It has been used in traditional medicine since ancient times. Europeans, Moroccans and Middle Easterns for example have used celery to make salads, soups and juices.

Celery Benefits for Cancer Patients

  • Celery juice contains the most potent antioxidants, which are essential to fight cancer cells.
  • It contains vitamin A, vitamin C, and vitamin K, which are essential to the proper functioning of the body as a whole, and for excretion of toxins and cancerous cells.
  • Celery is anti-inflammatory and it helps decrease body acidity. It is also anticancer for it contains Coumarin, that helps detoxifies the blood.
  • Celery is a diuretic; therefore, it helps decrease fluid retention as it contains sodium and potassium. Thus, it helps cancer patients in advanced stages of the disease.
  • It increases body alkaline, which increases immunity. It also helps detoxify the body as well as improves kidney functioning because it has a high content of water.
  • Is a natural blood pressure regulator for it is rich in potassium and magnesium. Therefore, it maintains the integrity of cardiovascular system especially in older patients.
  • It contains enzymes that help improve digestion and treat constipation. It also helps treat stomach and colon problems such as stomach ulcers for it has high content of fiber and digestive enzymes. This makes it effective in treating digestive cancers such as colon cancer, stomach cancer, and cancer of the small intestines.
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